SMILE treat for Assunta

On Saturday 28 October the PST treated Assunta and her carer Teresa to the Posh v Shrewsbury Town game through our Smile scheme.

The PST SMILE scheme, awards free match tickets to deserving people in our community in two very simple ways: Local community groups and disadvantaged fans can apply for Posh Smile Tickets so they can enjoy watching a game of football free of charge, which perhaps they would otherwise be unable to enjoy. Fans can also nominate individuals or groups …for a special Posh Smile Ticket Treat as a means of acknowledging hard work, selfless acts and a commitment to their local community this could be anything from cleaning up litter to helping an elderly person, or a treat for someone who is seriously ill and their Carer.

Pictured is guest Assunta, next to Junior Morias along with Teresa and PST member Keith Jennings.

Assunta was greeted by Barry Fry and Bob Burrows whilst having a pre-match meal in the restaurant.

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