New ‘1980’s Cult Heroes’ Section on our on-line museum

The PST has today (Sunday 23rd April 2017) published a 4th sub-section on our ‘Cult Heroes’ section on our on-line museum.

The sub-section is ‘The 1980’s’, the decade in which we played in the 4th Division every season, struggled financially, but still managed to come 5th twice in the league missing out on promotion by one place, saw some great local players come through the youth set up and reached the 5th Round of the FA Cup twice.

To view the page simply click on the ‘Museum’ tab at the top of this page, hover over the ‘Cult Heroes’ drop down menu, then select ‘The 1980’s’ from the new drop down menu .

Let us know (at of any other players / managers (and the reason why) you think they were cult heroes of our club in the 1980’s. If you put a good case forward we may include them going forward.

Please note some cult heroes from this era may be in other sections (i.e. ‘The 1970’s’ or ‘The 1990’s’ section) if they were involved with the club in different decades.

Page last updated: 23 April 2017


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