Stockport County v Posh 4 Feb 61

Venue: Edgeley Park, Stockport

Attendance: 7,004

Score: Stockport County 0 v Peterborough Utd 6

Referee: J. Tirebuck.

Forget the score line, wrote the Stockport correspondent, it doesn’t do scintillating Peterborough credit. Slick and polished in everything they did, it wouldn’t have been an injustice had they grabbed a dozen goals. This was indeed a Posh performance that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Division One.

What a pity that this is likely to be Peterborough’s first and last visit to Stockport. Their promotion to Division Three at the end of the season will be well deserved but it will certainly rob the Fourth Division of its brightest stars.

Poor Stockport were devastated and virtually sunk without trace only seven minutes after the start. That was all the time it took for the smooth moving Posh to get the measure of the Edgeley Park men who had the myth that this was their promotion year well and truly exploded.

Apart from one incident midway through the first half when outside left Mike Davock hit the upright Stockport never looked like piercing a well marshalled defence which always found plenty of time to set its forwards in motion.

United’s inside forwards Dennis Emery and Ray Smith were irrepressible. They had a hand in all six goals and the Stockport defence which has one of the best records in the Division was completely at a loss for an answer to the relentless pressure which emanated from their subtle scheming.

The visitors also had immeasurable pull at wing half where Jim Rayner and Keith Ripley kept a tight rein on the County inside forwards and were frequently acting the roles of additional forwards.

County were gifted with none of these assets. They persisted solely and simply on the ball down the middle and constantly fell into Peterborough’s well executed offside trap.

Although two down at the interval Stockport hadn’t a hint of the humiliation and havoc Peterborough were to cause in the second half. But when right winger Billy Hails scored goal number three with a snap shot from just outside the box wilting Stockport folded up completely.

Huge gaps were left in the defence and Peterborough teased and tormented to ram home a further three goals to inflict County’s heaviest defeat at Edgeley Park for over 40 years and also gain sweet revenge for the shock win Stockport brought off earlier in the season.

On this display Peterborough are certainties for promotion into the Third Division for they deserve a much higher grade of football. Stockport, reputed to be one of the strongest sides in Division Four will testify to this.

Just for the record books…Bly gave United the lead after seven minutes following good approach work by Rayner, Emery scored a second after 42 minutes; Hails made it 3-0 after 55 minutes; Bly and Emery scored again and McNamee who gave one of his best away displays completed the scoring.


Posh: Jack Walls, Dick Whittaker, Jim Walker, Jim Rayner, Roy Banham, Keith Ripley, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and Peter McNamee.

Stockport County: Harold Lea, Bobbie Murray, Bill Webb, Birch, Ken Hodder, Trevor Porteous, Gene Wilson, Tommy Anderson, Jim Fletcher, Bobbie Murdoch and Mike Davock.

Goals: Posh – Billy Hails 55 mins, Dennis Emery (2) 42 mins & 88 mins, Terry Bly (2) 7 mins & 65 mins and Peter McNamee 89 mins.