Posh v Carlisle Utd 31 Dec 60

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Attendance: 11,539

Score: Peterborough Utd 5 v Carlisle Utd 0

Officials: A. Hawcroft, R. Bowling & L. Maddocks.

What a splendid way to say “farewell” to a memorable year… United were well worthy of their five nil victory and while it was pleasing to see Terry Bly getting yet another hat-trick, the forward showing the most improvement was Dennis Emery and his two, well taken goals hold promise of better things to come in next week’s FA Cup game at Portsmouth.

Carlisle disappointed with their negative play, but they were sporting losers and after the game wished Posh success on their Cup trail.

The visitors might well have scored the first goal in some determined attacks early on in the game. The ball almost did get past Jack Walls when McMillan burst through.

Jack came out to block the ball but it went up into the air, hit McMillan on the head and was deflected towards the unguarded net. The speedy right back, Dick Whittaker, however spotted the danger just in time.

Carlisle had a miraculous escape when right half Oliphant kicked a header from Bly off the goal line, but Posh went ahead after 24 minutes when Emery jinxed past three defenders then unselfishly crossed the ball to the unmarked Bly who scored with a shot off the post.

A few minutes later Thompson made a brilliant save from Bly as McNamee’s crossed was headed goalwards. Thompson made a number of great saves, and no wonder he threw up his hands in despair after 38 minutes when a bad back pass stuck in the mud and Emery was able to race through and score with ease.

 Dennis was on the spot again after a long spell of negative play in the second half, and after 73 minutes volleyed the ball into the net following some good play by Billy Hails.

Would Dennis get his first hat-trick of the season? With the inside right playing brilliantly it looked as though he might, but to everyone’s surprise, and delight, it was Bly who did the trick.

He hooked the ball in from close range after 83 minutes and then, almost from the kick off chased a pin-point forward pass from Ripley and blasted another goal.

The United’s defence is knotting together very well indeed with Dick Whittaker outstanding as full back. This former Chelsea player improves with every game he plays for Posh and he is very popular with the fans at London Road.

The forward line didn’t show their capabilities until the last quarter of an hour and then they really gave the Carlisle defence a drubbing.


Posh: Jack Walls, Dick Whittaker, Jim Walker, Jim Rayner, Norman Rigby, Keith Ripley, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and Peter McNamee.

Carlisle Utd: George Thompson, Alex Brown, Jim Terris, Dave Oliphant, Bobby Dorran, Tommy Cavanagh, George Stewart, Arthur Blackley, George Walker, Tommy McMillan and Wendell Morgan.

Goals: Posh – Terry Bly (3) 24 mins, 83 mins & 84 mins and Dennis Emery (2) 38 mins & 73 mins.