Posh v Aldershot 4 Mar 61

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Attendance: 12,746

Score: Peterborough Utd 7 v Aldershot 1

Referee: R. Windle.

Three goals by Ray Smith, one from Terry Bly, a second half hat-trick by Dennis Emery and several near misses by all the forwards emphasised Peterborough United’s superiority over a struggling Aldershot team at London Road.

Posh played delightful football and when Smith and Bly had scored two goals after only ten minutes play the match was virtually over.

Aldershot could find no answer to the crisp attacking moves of United and their plan to shoot their way out of trouble with the signing of inside forwards Hasty, Deakin and Woan was far from successful.

United’s defence gave them little scope and there was no cohesion in the visitor’s attack. Compared with Peterborough’s smooth moving forward line Aldershot looked ragged and completely ineffective.

The Aldershot defence, with the possible exception of centre half Shipwright and goalkeeper Marshall, also failed miserably.

They appeared to devote much of their energies to stopping Terry Bly and with the wing halves frequently out of position Smith and Emery were free to roam and snatch goals almost at their leisure.

But United’s 7-1 victory was not earned as easily as all that. The entire team played with a splendid understanding and it was speed, skill and the ability to finish off their attacks with goals which gave them the edge over Aldershot.

A confident defence, ably marshalled by skipper Norman Rigby, was the springboard on which United built their victory.

At least three of the goals came as a result of accurate passing by wing halves Rayner and Ripley. The understanding between defence and attack was complete with one exception – the clearances of Jack Walls.

Even the crowd has begun to notice that Walls boots the ball high into the air whenever he gathers it at the end of an attack by the opposition.

Rarely does he throw the ball to one of his own players and it was particularly noticeable in this game that he persisted with his long kicking when defenders were standing unmarked ready to receive the ball.

Less than half of Jack’s long kicks went to his own team mates and even then they had difficulty in bringing the bouncing ball under control in time to avoid being caught in possession.

Jack must be playing to instructions but in this match United frequently lost possession of the ball because of his long kicking.

It was an accurate forward pass from Ripley which started the Posh goal scoring. Smith raced through the middle and gave the goalkeeper no chance with his ground shot.

Two minutes later a cross from Peter McNamee went straight to the feet of Bly who had the easiest of tasks to turn it into the net. Just to make certain Smith swung a foot at the ball and many people thought he was the scorer. After the game, however, Ray admitted that the ball had in fact been pushed home by Bly.

After 23 minutes Smith made it 3-0 when Bly teed the ball up for him to complete a good passing movement between wing halves and forwards.

Six minutes later Smith completed his hat-trick. He chased a through pass from Rayner, dribbled round the goalkeeper and flicked the ball into the empty net.

Ray very nearly made it 5-0 before the interval but his well timed header was deflected off the goal line by a full back.

Aldershot got their solitary goal after 37 minutes when Lawlor’s shot from the edge of the penalty area beat Walls all ends up.

In the second half Posh continued to dominate the play and Dennis Emery recorded his first hat-trick in League football with goals after 59, 72 and 82 minutes


Posh: Jack Walls, Dick Whittaker, Jim Walker, Jim Rayner, Norman Rigby, Keith Ripley, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and Peter McNamee.

Aldershot: Marshall,  Bannister, Jackson, Kirkup, Shipwright, Tyrer, Taylor, Hasty, Deakin, Woan and Lawlor.

Goals: Posh – Dennis Emery (3) 59 mins, 72 mins & 82 mins, Terry Bly 12 mins and Ray Smith (3) 10 mins, 23 mins & 29 mins. Aldershot – Lawlor 37 mins.