Rushden Town v Posh FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Rd – 6 Oct 1945

Venue: Hayden Road, Rushden

Attendance: Unknown

Score: Rushden Town 1 v Peterborough Utd 9

Referee: Unknown

Peterborough United topped their first FA Cup hurdle with ease, winning 9-1 at Rushden. After the first quarter of an hour the result was never in doubt.

Rushden started off with so much vim and vigour that it was evident that Peterborough’s defence had only to hold them and they would play themselves out.

For ten minutes the home team dashed here, there and everywhere with so much enthusiasm that by the time they had scored their one and only goal, after 11 minutes, they had shot their bolt

Peterborough were one ahead within five minutes of the Rushden goal, and from that moment they never looked back.

Ken Laxton had a gala day, scoring six goals as the leader of the United attack. Five of them were scored in succession, and nearly all from close range with typical Laxton steam behind them. So much so that Andrews, the Rushden goalkeeper, skipped out of the way of the last one!

Hubert Tasker had a very successful time as a foraging inside right. He positioned himself between the halves and the forwards and was always on hand to stop and ‘kill’ a loose ball. He fed the front line splendidly, and so did Nobby Woods, who played an improved game in the half back line.

Apparently according to plan, Hobbs concentrated on defence, and did so very successfully. The backs, Cyril Parrott in particular were grand; especially so when Rushden threw everything they’d got into the early attacks. Hilliard shaped well in goal.

Rushden had a weak half back line, whose faults threw on to the backs more work than they could manage. The right wing pair were the only forwards to be consistently useful.

Bourne gave Rushden the lead after 11 minutes, but straight from the centre the United equalised, Tasker sending in a straight low shot which Andrews could not hold.

Four minutes later Rodgers and Fred Fairchild moved smartly down the left, changing places as they ran, and from Fairchild’s pass the winger scored from a sharp angle.

Half an hour had passed when Laxton netted with Rushden appealing for offside, and the referee allowed a goal after consulting a linesman.

The fourth goal, four minutes later was Jack Polhill’s, the winger heading in from Rodgers corner kick.

With two minutes to go to half time, Andrews saved a hard drive from Laxton, but could not hold the ball, and the centre forward followed up to score.

After five minutes of the second half Woods fed a lovely pass to Laxton, who crashed a great shot in from the right of goal.

A quarter of an hour later Laxton had another, controlling Woods fast through pass very nicely before turning the ball past Andrews.

The eighth, ten minutes from the end, was a real beauty. Rodgers close range shot rebounded from the bar to Polhill, who slipped the ball back low for Laxton to drive it in.

Laxton’s sixth goal was scored in the last minute, the centre forward banging the ball after a fine piece of work by Polhill.


The Posh: William Hilliard, Bernie Bryan, Cyril Parrott, Warner, Tom Hobbs, Jack Polhill, Nobby Woods, Fred Fairchild, Ken Laxton, Hubert Tasker and Rodgers.

Rushden Town: G. Andrews, Mantle, Knight, Thurlow, Green, Jones, P. Andrews, Holman, Bourne, Inwood, Parker.

Goal scorers: The Posh – Ken Laxton (6) 30 mins, 43 mins, 50 mins, 65 mins, 80 mins & 89 mins, Jack Polhill 34 mins, Hubert Tasker 12 mins and Rodgers 16 mins. Rushden Town – Bourne 11 mins.