Updated section in our on-line museum

The PST has revamped its ‘Badges’ section in our on-line museum.

With over 60 badges that relate to the football club now on display we have split this section into seven sub-sections. We have sub-sections for (1) Cloth Badges, (2) Manager / Player Badges, (3) Forever Posh Badges, (4) Official Supporters Club Badges, (5) Pin Badges, (6) Stud Badges and (7) Match Day Badges.

To view the main page of the new section simply click on the “Museum” tab at the top of this page and select ‘Badges’ from the drop down menu. Then to review one of the sib-sections, hover over Badges Cup from the museum drop down menu and select the subsection you wish to view.

If you have any badges that are not included in the museum and would be happy for us to share them in our museum, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk so that we can update the relevant page of the museum.

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