The Chris Turner statue

Have you thought about joining up to the CT5 Club?

The aim of the club is to gather together those fans who would like to make a regular contribution towards the Chris Turner Statue Fund.

Once erected, the statue will become a major monument and attraction, not only to Peterborough United but to the city as a whole.

If, like many Posh fans, you share this vision then you are invited to become a member of the CT5 Club.

As a CT5 member it will give you and your family a real sense of pride every time you go past the statue knowing that you have played a major part in its construction.

Your name will also appear in a special statue diary which will be held at the club and will be kept in the club museum when built. Please note you must be a member of the CT5 club for 6 continuous months to be mentioned in the diary.

The cost of membership for the CT5 Club is £10 per month (Individual or Family) through PayPal or by Standing order and entitles you to:

  • Free Chris Turner Tribute DVD

  • Named as a major contributor in the statue diary which will be held in the club museum and available for public view

  • A certificate endorsed by the club in recognition to your contribution

  • A Prize Draw each month

  • Exclusive members only events.

  • Other Posh based incentives

  • Before and after entry to the Exec Suite on the day of unveiling along with a limited edition numbered photo of the statue unveiling (this is only available to those that have made every payment up to the unveiling date). The football club are completely behind this initiative which has already brought all fans together under a common purpose, and it is anticipated that the CT5 Club will be hosting some very special and exclusive Posh related events.

If you are interested in joining please email

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