PST 2016 AGM update

The PST’s 2016 AGM was held on Monday 28th November in the Sponsors Lounge at the ABAX Stadium, London Road, Peterborough

Key points from the meeting were:

Due to work commitments John Henson stood down as Chair but remains on the Board as Secretary.

Nicky Ormond, Treasurer, resigned from the Board.

Kim Cozens, Membership Secretary, resigned from the Board.

Ray Cole elected Chair.

Barry Bennett elected Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

John Lawrence elected Gold Bond and Projects Manager.

John Henson appointed Secretary.

There are a number of vacancies on the Board. If anyone is interested in joining or helping the Board please contact us on  for more info.

Following the formal AGM business Posh CEO Bob Symns, Manager Grant McCann and Assistant Manager Lee Glover joined the meeting for a Q&A session (we will be publishing information on the session on our news page at a later date (

Finally Mick Robinson held his annual Posh Quiz where attendees were tested on their knowledge of the Posh.

The minutes of the AGM will be published and made available in the coming weeks (see

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