New Posh Footage section launched on website

New Posh Footage section launched on website

The Posh have had some historic moments in their history and thanks to the magic of camera there are a number of those legendary moments on film.

Now you can relive some of those great Posh moments from the PST website. Vic Crowe’s goal at Chelsea, King Kenny at Wembley, Grant’s free-kicks at Old Trafford plus many more are included.


From You Tube we have found the following 16 clips about the Posh / Posh matches that some will remember but we know as visitors you will all enjoy.

Simply click on the arrow button on each of the clips on the ‘Posh Footage’ page on our on-line museum for some great memories / moments in Posh’s history.

If you have any of your own clips of Posh, particularly from the 1980’s or before we would love to hear from you plus if you know of any more video clips of memorable Posh games / events on the internet and you think we should add them, please contact us at

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