Message from retiring PST Chair Barry Bennett

Dear Members of “The Posh Supporters Trust”


Minutes of the recent A.G.M. are now on-line :

Download Here :

You will note that after 24 years of being involved with ‘POSH’ supporters organisations, I will be retiring from the Trust Board at the end of the current financial year. (30 June 2020)

For years now, we have endeavoured to get members actively involved with the Trust Board, however very few have come forward to help us maintain and build upon the professional society we have established for the benefit of the community of Posh supporters.

We are a democracy, and need a strong Board to look after the interests of the current and future generations of Posh Supporters.  Next year when I retire, we need more of you to help us.

It is imperative that more members volunteer to become Board Members.

By giving just a little of your time, you can make a big contribution to progress the interests of Posh Supporters and the Community, with our football club, Peterborough United.

One position we are looking to fill as soon as possible is that of ‘Treasurer’.

This is a key and responsible role, but not necessarily a time consuming position to administer the required duties. i.e.

  • To check bank statements monthly against regular standing order income.

  • To receive donations and subscriptions from members and maintain records.

  • To pay invoices and reimburse expenses from fellow directors.

  • Prepare Accounts for Independent Assessment at end of financial year.

Overall, the Treasurer would control our income and expenditure, and source investment opportunities annually from Banks etc. that have the protection of the financial compensation scheme, for the substantial funds we have accumulated over the years.

Full training of our accounting system will be given.

If you would like further information and have the required skills to help us, please get in touch.  email leave a phone number and we will call you.

Finally, you may recall in 2018, the Posh Supporters Trust assisted Peter Lane with the official launch of The Posh ‘Hall of Fame’. The £1200 raised at the event, was donated to Posh legend Trevor Quow’s Daughter Jada-Lea, who suffers from a rare medical condition.

At the match on 14th December, Peter passed on this message from Trevor Quow to The Trust.

He said “the work on adaptations to their home, to make life easier for Jada, with the money we raised and donated from the Hall of Fame night, has now begun”. Trevor asked Peter to pass on his thanks to The Trust for what we did.  (We were delighted to help Trevor!  Best wishes to Jada-Lea)

  On behalf of the Trust Board, I wish you and your families

         A Merry Christmas and a Promotional New Year.


 Keep It POSH!    Barry Bennett






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