NEWSLETTER ……                                                             You can now download our Full March Newsletter on the following Link

On This Website ….  browse the updated, ‘History of the Trust’ on the following link :  Many thanks to Trust Member Peter Williams in Sunny Australia for the update

Wembley 30th March….. probably not the biggest cup competition, but a big day out for the Posh and all Posh Fans!  . If you travel by Train, you can get a really good deal with a ‘Groupsaver 4’ ticket deal, (4  travelling together)  It’s Half Price and you can include the underground travel on your ticket!

Got your Ticket Yet?        Enter our ‘FREE Draw’ for hospitality tickets

Message from Darragh ……

Moys End Development….. Although not visible from our seats, the groundwork is well underway and slightly ahead of schedule. We should see the steelwork being erected soon.

Governance of Football ….. View the response and progress on the Governance of Football petition




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