Posh v Wellingborough Town 1st Qualifying Rd 5 Oct 1946

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Attendance: 4,981

Score: Peterborough Utd 6 v Wellingborough Town 0

Referee: F. Robinson

Wellingborough well out

Wellingborough led off against the United with great éclat , but in a quarter of an hour they had shot their bolt. Eventually the United won with ridiculous ease, in spite of the absence of Ernest Beardshaw, injured in the Rotherham match two days earlier.

Jimmy Smith took over the centre half position, Mitchell dropping back to left half and Bramham coming in on the left wing. Smith played a sterling game, completely effacing Hustwaite on whose direct and vigorous method of approach Wellingborough evidently pinned all their hopes.

Given a quarter of an hour or so to settle down, Peterborough’s plan of campaign was clear. The wingers were the twin spearhead of the attack, the inside men were to do the fetching and carrying and Warnes was there to apply the finishing touch. It was a good plan and it would have been better if Padgett had done the right thing as often as he did the wrong. The rest of the line played according to the blueprint, Warnes so much so that, he produced a quartet of goals.

Brilliantly as Olney played for Wellingborough , there could have been a glut of goals when the defence floundered in the second half. But the home forwards irked the supporters almost beyond endurance by attempting to give the ball to each other on a plate.

Wellingborough were unlucky to lose Rogers, the left winger, who fell heavily and fractured his right arm after a collision with Bryan just after the interval. But that mishap had no bearing on the result; Wellingborough had already ceased to be actively interested in the cup for this season.

Apart from Olney and Joell a fast thinking and fast moving inside right, their team was of a very moderate standard.

The result was never in doubt after the 18th minute, when Warnes confused the defence by letting Bramham’s centre go out to the right. While Kisby and Olney were making up their minds, Scobie seized the opportunity to whip the ball into the roof of the net.

Nine minutes later Rickards slipped a cunning pass to Kisby’s right, and Warnes followed through on the back’s left to lob the ball over Olney.

In the last minute of the half a typical Rickards pass sent Scobie away and a model centre left Warnes with nothing to do but nod the ball into the net.

The second half was 26 minutes old before the fourth goal was scored. Kisby made a bad job of covering Bramham’s centre and Warnes rounded off his hat-trick .

For good measure he popped in a fourth ten minutes later, when Padgett’s shot rebounded from the far post and found him on the goal line. That was Padgett’s third unlucky effort, the ball beating Olney every time and coming back off the posts. Thereafter his colleagues spoon-fed him until Scobie worked the ball into position for him to net the sixth.

Receipts from the game were £310 with each club receiving £120.


The Posh: Len Silcocks, Bernie Bryan, Cyril Parrott, Tom Smith, Jimmy Smith, Adam Mitchell, Alan Scobie, Tommy Rickards, Fred Warnes, John Padgett and Arnold Bramham.

Wellingborough Town: Olney, Cross, Kilsby, Thompson, Hawtin, Shelton, Russell, Joell, Hustwaite, Jones, Rogers.

Goal scorers: The Posh – Fred Warnes (4) 27 mins, 44 mins, 71 mins & 81 mins, Alan Scobie 18 mins and John Padgett 85 mins.