Tickets (Home Games)

The 1985/86 Season

Thanks to Howard Cornell who has provided us with a copy of our oldest home ticket to date for our museum. It’s 30 years old and is from the 1985/86 season. The game was our FA Cup 5th round game against Brighton & Hove Albion which we drew 2-2.


The 1991/92 Season

This ticket from the 1991/92 season is from the Rumbelows Cup 3rd Round game against Newcastle Utd on Tuesday 29th October 1991 which we won 1-0 in front of 10,382 fans. The ticket as you can see was yellow with blue print and was 10cm long and 9cm high.


The 1993/94 Season

Here’s another ticket from the 1990’s, this time it’s the FA Cup 3rd Round game against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday the 8th January 1994 which we drew 1-1 in front of 19,169 fans. The ticket was again yellow in colour though different in style from the 1991/92 season and was 8.5cm long and 8.5cm high.


The 1994/95 Season

Our next ticket is from our League 2 fixture against Plymouth Argyle played on Saturday 13th February 1995. The ticket was a pinky colour 8cm long and 8.5cm high.


The 1996/97 Season

A complimentary ticket from the 1996/97 season, this one is another Division 2 fixture this time against Gillingham played on Tuesday 19th November 1996.


The 1998/99 Season

Another ticket from the 90’s, this one a Division 3 game against Brentford played on Saturday 3rd October 1998. The ticket had a pattern border at the top (in pink and yellow) and was 10cm long and 7cm high.


The 1999/00 Season

Another Division 3 game this time against Brighton & Hove Albion played on Saturday 2nd October 19998. The ticket was the same as last seasons.


The 2001/02 Season

Tickets this season were blue in colour and sized 22.5cm long and 20cm high.


 The 2003/04 Season

 Tickets were blue again this season and sized 22.5cm long and 20cm high.


The 2004/05 Season

Tickets once again were blue in colour and sized 22.5cm long and 20cm high.



The 2011/12 Season

 A much more up to date ticket. From the 2011/12 season this ticket is from our 3rd round FA Cup tie against Sunderland.


 The 2012/13 Season

 Almost up to date now. This ticket is from the 2012/13 season and is from our 3rd round FA Cup tie against Norwich City.


The 2013/14 Season

Here we go with a 2013/14 home ticket, this one is from our League 1 play off game against Leyton Orient.


 The 2014/15 Season

A ticket from the 2014/15 season. This home ticket is from our League 1 game against Notts County.


 The 2015/16 Season

A ticket from last season. This home ticket is from our FA Cup 4th Round Replay game against WBA which we lost on penalties.


 The 2016/17 Season

And finally a ticket from this season. This home ticket is from our EFL Cup game against AFC Wimbledon.


PS Don’t forget if you have any Posh ‘home’ tickets from a season not covered on this page and would like them adding, please contact us at