The 2010’s

In this sub-section of the museum we share with you details of the games the Posh Youth’s played in the FA Youth Cup in the 2010’s along with a picture of one of the Youth teams from this decade.

2010/11 – 4th Round

1st Round v Lincoln City (away) won 4-2 Goal scorers – Arron Wickham, Nathan Ralph, Joe Newell and Matt Breeze

2nd Round v Stratford Town (home) won 5-0 Goal scorers – Ben Seymour-Shove, Arron Wickham, Joe Newell (2) and Jacob Joyce

3rd Round v Ipswich Town (away) won 3-2 Goal scorers – Jide Maduako (own goal), Joe Newell and Jacob Joyce

4th Round v Aston Villa (home) lost 3-1 Goal scorer – Arron Wickham

2011/12 – Unknown

3rd Round v Blackpool (home) won 3-1 Goal scorers – Jacob Joyce (2) and Louis Cross (own goal)

4th Round v Fulham (home) lost 5-1 Goal scorer – Unknown

2012/13 – 4th Round

1st Round Unknown

2nd Round Unknown

3rd Round v Aston Villa (home) won 4-0 Goal scorers – Jaanai Gordon, Jevani Brown, Charlie Coulson and Levi Wright

4th Round v Leicester City (away) lost 4-1 Goal scorer – Charlie Coulson

2013/14 – 4th Round

1st Round v Notts County (away) won 2-1 Goal scorers – Robert Duggan and Jonathan Edwards

2nd Round – Wolverhampton Wanderers (away) won 2-1 Goal scorers – Robert Duggan and Jaanai Gordon

3rd Round v Hull City (away) won 2-1 Goal scorers – Tom Conlon and Regan Carthey

4th Round v Arsenal (home) lost 6-1 Gaol scorer – Robert Duggan

2014/15 – 2nd Round

1st Round v Notts County (home) won 22-0 Goal scorers – Jonathan Edwards and Leonardo Da Silva Lopes

2nd Round v Doncaster Rovers (away) lost 4-2 Goal scorers – Jack Friend and Jonathan Edwards

2015/16 – 1st Round

1st Round v Dereham Town (away) lost 2-1 Goal scorer – Cameron Gow

2016/17 – 2nd Round

1st Round v Port Vale (home) won 2-0 Goal scorers – Alfie Connor and Deon Moore

2nd Round v Oxford City (away) lost 3-1 Goal scorer – Jack Gurney

2017/18 – 1st Round

1st Round v Cambridge Utd (home) lost 2-1 Goal scorer – Jack Gurney

2018/19 – 4th Round

1st Round v Hullbridge Sports (away) won 2-0 Goal scorers – Toby Salmon and Ricky Jade-Jones

2nd Round v LutonTown (home) won 3-0 Goal scorers – Oli Shackleton, Wilson Braithwaite (own goal) and Mikkel Fosu

3rd Round v Huddersfield Town (away) won 2-0 Goal scorers – Oli Shackleton and Flynn Clarke

4th Round v Bury (home) lost 1-0