The 1980’s

In this sub-section of the museum we share with you details of the games the Posh Youth’s played in the FA Youth Cup in the 1980’s along with a picture of one of the Youth teams from this decade.

1980/81 – 2nd Round 2nd Replay

1st Round Unknown

2nd Round v Coventry City (away) drew 2-2 Goal scorers – Unknown

2nd Round Replay v Coventry City (home) drew 3-3 Goal scorers – Unknown

2nd Round 2nd Replay v Coventry City lost 3-0

1981/82 – No record.

1982/83 – Unknown.

Unknown Round v West Bromwich Albion (home) score unknown

1983/84 – No record.

1984/85 – No record.

1985/86 – No record.

1986/87 – No record.

1987/88 – 1st Round 2nd Replay

Preliminary Round v Lincoln City (home) drew 1-1 Goal scorers – Unknown

1st Qualifying Round v Radford (away) won 8-1 Goal scorers – David Heal (4), Garry Butterworth (2) , Adrian Fife and Matthew Sanderson

2nd Qualifying Round v Scunthorpe Utd (home) won 2-1Goal scorers – Garry Butterworth and David Heal

1st Round – Aston Villa (home) drew 1-1 Goal scorer – Lee Philpott

1st Round Replay v Aston Villa (away) drew 2-2 Goal scorers – Amps and Garry Butterworth.

1st Round 2nd Replay v Aston Villa (home) lost 2-0

1988/89 – 2nd Round Proper

1st Qualifying Round v Dunstable (home) drew 1-1 Goal scorer – Jamie Cheyne

1st Qualifying Round Replay (away) won 3-2 Goal scorers – Unknown

2nd Qualifying Round v Rushden Town (away) won 4-2 Goal scorers – Unknown

1st Round v Billericay Town (home) won 6-0 Goal scorers – Stuart Mackintosh (2), Rob Atkin, Martin Bradley, Shaun Wills and Lee Burrows

2nd Round v Tottenham Hotspur (away) lost 7-1 Goal scorer – Unknown

1989/90 – Unknown

1st Round v Kingsbury Town (away) drew 0-0