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In this section of the museum we share with you some facts, statistics and information about Posh’s exploits in the oldest and most famous football cup competition – the FA Cup.


Record (as at 06/01/19)













First Game:

Day and date: Saturday the 5th October 1935

Round: 1st Qualifying Round

Opponents: Rushden Town

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Attendance: 4,254 (biggest crowd of the season to date)

Result: Peterborough Utd 0 v Rushden Town 3

Receipts: £203 9s 6d (£203.48 in today’s money!).

First Game in the ‘Proper’ Rounds:

Season: 1936/37

Day and date: Saturday the 28th November 1936

Opponents: Dartford

Venue: Watling Street, Dartford

Attendance: 3,486

Result: Dartford 3 v Peterborough Utd 0

Posh had battled through four qualifying rounds to get to the 1st Round Proper.

First Posh Goal:

Scorer: Ted Chiverton

Date: Saturday the 3rd October 1936

Round: 1st Qualifying

Opponents: Kettering Town

Time goal scored: 34th minute

Venue: Rockingham Road, Kettering

Result: Peterborough Utd 2 v Kettering Town 0

The second goal of the game was scored by Jackie Wilson in the 90th minute.

First Hat-trick:


Scorer: Charlie MacCartney

Date: Thursday the 20th October 1938

Round: 2nd Qualifying Replay

Opponents: Rushden Town

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Result: Peterborough Utd 3 Rushden Town 1

Most appearances



Number of appearances:  43 (+2 as sub)

Player: Tommy Robson

First appearance: 15th November 1969

Last appearance: 14th February 1981

Top 10 most starting appearances

          Player                    No. of Apps

1        Tommy Robson           43 (+2 as sub)

2        Norman Rigby              41

3        Billy Hails                     35

4=     Dennis Emery               33

4=     Chris Turner                  33

4=     Mark Tyler                     33

7=     Jack Carmichael           30 (+3 as sub)

7=     Jack Walls                    30

9=     Peter McNamee            27

9=     Ray Smith                     27

Most appearances in one FA Cup campaign

Five players played 9 times in Posh’s 1946/47 FA Cup campaign:

  • Bernie Bryan

  • John Padgett

  • Cyril Parrott

  • Len Silcocks

  • Fred Warnes

Most goals in total


Number of goals:  31

Player: Dennis Emery

First goal: 6th November 1954

Last goal: 6th November 1961

Top 10 goal scorers

          Player                    No. of goals

1       Dennis Emery             31

2=     Billy Hails                    12

2=     Craig Mackail-Smith    12

4=     Jim Hall                       11

4=     Freddie Martin             11

6=     Ken Charlery               10

6=     Robbie Cooke             10

6=     John Cozens               10

6=     Peter Deakin               10

6=     Andy Donaldson         10

6=     George Hudson          10

6=     Tommy Robson          10 

 Most goals in one season’s competition



Number of goals: 9

Season: 1938/39

Player: Charlie MacCartney

Most goals in a single game

Number of goals: 6

Player: Ken Laxton

Day and date: Saturday the 6th October 1945

Round: 2nd Qualifying

Opponents: Rushden Town

Venue: Hayden Road, Rushden

Result: Peterborough Utd 9 v Rushden Town 1

Most games as Manager


Number of games:  31

Manager: Barry Fry

First game: 16th November 1996

Last game: 29th January 2005

Record Attendance (home)



Attendance: 30,096

Date: 20th February 1965

Round: 5th Proper

Opponents: Swansea Town

Result: Peterborough Utd 0 v Swansea 0

      Top 10 FA Cup record home attendances

             Date                  Opponents               Attendance

1        20-Feb-65             Swansea Town                30,096

2        30-Jan-65             Arsenal                             30,056

3        28-Jan-61             Aston Villa                        28,266

4        27-Jan-62             Sheffield Utd                     28,174

5        26-Jan-74             Leeds Utd                         28,000

6        14-Feb-81             Manchester City               27,780

7        15-Feb-75             Middlesbrough                 25,742

8        05-Jan-57             Lincoln City                      22,000

9        24-Jan-59             Fulham                             21,600

10     13-Jan-73              Derby County                   20,855

     Record Attendance (away)



Attendance: 64,531

Date: 1st February 1961

Round: 4th Proper Replay

Opponents: Aston Villa

Venue: Villa Park, Birmingham

Result: Aston Villa 2 v Peterborough Utd 1

           Top 10 FA Cup record away attendances

          Date                      Opponents                      Attendance

1        01- Feb-61            Aston Villa                         64,531

2        06-Mar-65             Chelsea                             63,635

3        24-Jan-76             Manchester Utd                 56,352

4        30-Jan-60             Sheffield Wednesday         51,144

5        26-Jan-57             Huddersfield Town             48,735

6        18-Feb-67             Sunderland                        43,998

7        06-Jan-62             Newcastle Utd                    42,782

8        08-Jan-17             Chelsea                              41,003

9        09-Jan-54             Cardiff City                         38,000

10      02-Jan-10             Tottenham Hotspur            35,862

Best Run

 Season 1964/65 – 6th Round

1st Round 14 Nov 1964 v Salisbury (Home) Won 5-1

2nd Round 5 Dec 1964 v QPR (Away) Drew 3-3

2nd Round Replay 9 Dec 1964 v QPR (Home) Won 2-1 After extra time

3rd Round 9th January 1965 v Chesterfield (Away) Won 3-0

4th Round 30 January 1965 v Arsenal (Home) Won 2-1

5th Round 20 February 1965 v Swansea Town (Home) Drew 0-0

5th Round Replay 23 February 1965 v Swansea Town (Away) Won 2-0

6th Round 6th March 1965 v Chelsea (Away) Lost 5-1

Record Receipts (home)


Receipts: £216,000

Date: 27th January 2002

Round: 4th Proper

Opponents: Newcastle Utd

Attendance: 13,841

Result: Peterborough Utd 2 v Newcastle Utd 4

Record Victory

Score: Rushden Town 1 v Peterborough Utd 9

Round: 2nd Qualifying

Day and date: Saturday the 6th October 1945

Venue: Hayden Road, Rushden

Posh team: William Hilliard, Bernie Bryan, Cyril Parrott, Warner, Tom Hobbs, Nobby Woods, Jack Polhill, Fred Fairchild, Ken Laxton, Hubert Tasker and Rodgers.

Posh goal scorers: Hubert Tasker 12 mins, Rodgers 16 mins, Ken Laxton (6) 30 mins, 43 mins, 50 mins, 65 mins, 80 mins & 89 mins and Jack Polhill 34 mins.

Record Defeat

Score: Northampton Town 8 v Peterborough Utd 1

Round: 2nd Proper 2nd Replay

Day and date: Monday the 23rd December 1946

Venue: Highfield Road, Coventry

Attendance: 3,164

Posh team: Len Silcocks, Bernie Bryan, Cyril Parrott, Tommy Rickards, Fred Warnes, Jim Wilson, Alan Scobie, Nat Brooksbank, Arnold Bramham, John Padgett and Tommy Rudkin.

Posh goal scorer: Nat Brooksbank.

Defeats to non-league clubs

As a Football League club, only six non-league clubs have managed to knock the Posh out of the FA Cup.

  1. Wigan Athletic on the 12th December 12, 1970

  2. Northwich Victoria on the 14th December 1976

  3. Dagenham on the 8th December 1984

  4. Sutton Utd on the 5th December 1987

  5. Burton Albion on the 16th November 2005

  6. Kidderminster Harriers on the 14th January 2014

Sutton Utd and Kidderminster Harriers are the only two non-league teams to have won FA Cup ties at London Road.

The only ever abandoned FA Cup game


Posh have only been involved in one FA Cup tie that was abandoned.

It was our 2nd Round tie on Saturday the 11th December 1976 against Northwich Victoria at Drill Field, Northwich. The game was 25 minutes old when referee Michael Lowe abandoned the game due to the weather conditions (fog).

At the time the game was abandoned Posh were winning 1-0 through a Jon Nixon goal on 21 minutes.

Three days later Posh suffered their most humiliating FA Cup defeat in their league history when the Northern Premier Leaguers thrashed them 4-0.

Even more bad news for Posh fans who attended the first match was that they had to pay at the gates again to watch the re-arranged game.

The record equalling FA Cup victory that never stood

On Wednesday the 25th November 1992, Posh beat non league side Kingstonian at London Road 9-1 in front of a 5,307 crowd in a 1st Round Replay.

Unfortunately Kingstonian goalkeeper Adrian Blake was struck by an object thrown by a hooligan from the London Road terrace, which resulted in the goalkeeper having to leave the field of play.

Kingstonian chairman Barry Chauveau was adamant after the game that his club would appeal for at least a replayed match saying “The incident affected the match,” despite the fact Kingstonian were trailing 3-0 at the time of the incident.

A FA Disciplinary Committee decided the match should be replayed at London Road behind closed doors. It could have been a lot worse for Posh as expulsion from the competition was the ultimate weapon at the disposal of the disciplinary committee.

Therefore sadly the 9-1 result and in particular Tony Philliskirk’s five goal feat was erased from the records.

Posh won the re-played game behind closed doors 1-0.

The out of proportion pitch!

Round: 1st Qualifying

Day and date: Saturday the 2nd October 1937

Venue: The Dog and Duck, Wellingborough

Controversy broke out before this game got underway as one of the Posh party noticed the pitch looked ‘out of proportion’. As a result it was decided to measure the pitch which showed one of the touchlines was 107 yards long with the other 101 yards. As well as this the centre line was not centre!

Following complaints to the referee the pitch had to be marked out again to a correctly permitted size.

Posh won the game by a comfortable 5-0 score line, however match reports stated that the Posh defence started very shakily and the forward line was unbalanced with Cyril Boulton our better leader. Further criticism in the report was that ‘more goals should have come but for the lack of speed of Reg Foxall and George Bowater who though they schemed cleverly, when the rest of the line were in striking distance the two generally lagged yards behind’.

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