Team Photos from 2000/01 to 2009/10

This section of the website shows team photo’s of Posh teams from the 2000/01 season through to the 2009/10 season.

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Page last updated: 20th August 2015

2000/01 Season


Back Row: James Campbell, Dan Murray, Simon Rea, Drewe Broughton, Peter Corder, Dan Connor, Mark Tyler, Tony Godden, Jon Cullen, Jason Lee, Richie Hanlon and Matthew Wicks.

Middle Row: Gordon Ogbourne, Niall Inman, Dean Hooper, Richard Forsyth, David Farrell, Andy Edwards, Phil Chapple, David Oldfield, Richard Scott, Howard Forinton, Adam Drury and Paul Showler.

Front Row: Grant Haley, Matthew Gill, Gareth Jelleyman, Andy Clarke, Barry Fry, Geoff Davey, Peter Boizot, Bob Baxter, Wayne Turner, Francis Green, Tony Shields, Daniel French and Matthew Hann.

2003/04 Season


Back Row: Bradley Thomas, Lee Clarke, Andrew Fotiadis, Simon Rea, Leon McKenzie, Mark Tyler, Phil Chapple, Luke McShane, Sagi Burton, Mark Arber, Richard Scott and Ryan Semple

Middle Row: Chapman, Luke Kennedy, Thompson, Sean St Ledger, Gordon Ogbourne, Paul Showler, John Morling, Jamie Day, Rory Hutton and Paul Burton

Front Row: Adam Newton, Shane Tolley, Adam Fry, Francis Green, Sponsor, Barry Fry, Sponsor, Andy Clarke, Tony Shields, Gareth Jelleyman, Mark Coulson and Dennis Pearce

2005/06 Season


Back Row: Chris Plummer, Sean St Ledger, Trevor Benjamin, Lee Harrison, Mark Tyler, Luke McShane, Richard Logan, Dave Farrell and Mark Arber

Middle Row: Shane Huke, Ryan Semple, Sagi Burton, Dean Holden, Peter Gain, Calum Willock, Andre Boucaud and Jamie Day

Front Row: Adam Fry, Paul Carden, Steve Bleasdale, Mark Wright, Neil Sullivan, Peter Kennedy, Adam Newton and Gordon Ogbourne

2006/07 Season


Back Row: Lloyd Opara, Chris Plummer, Mark Tyler, Adam Newton, Luke McShane, Mark Arber and Justin Richards

Middle Row: Shane Huke, Peter Gain, Richard Butcher, Jude Sterling, Trevor Benjamin, Guy Branston, Dean Holden and Jamie Day

Front Row: Adam Fry, Paul Carden, Gary Simpson, Keith Alexander, Keith Oakes, Simon Yeo and Danny Crow

2008/09 Season


Back Row: Tom Williams, Josh Low, Kieran Charnock, Shane Blackett, Mark Tyler, Joe Lewis, James McKeown, Scott Rendell, Liam Hatch, Paul Coutts  and Shaun Batt

Middle Row: Keith Oakes, Andy Dibble, Aaron McLean, George Boyd, Craig Mackail-Smith, Sergio Torres, Chris Whelpdale, Russell Martin Chris Westwood ? Taylor and Derek Poole

Front Row: Jamie Day, Dean Keates, Craig Morgan, Darren Ferguson, Darragh MacAnthony, Kevin Russell, Micah Hyde, Charlie Lee and Alfie Potter