Team Photos from 1990/91 to 1999/00

This section of the website shows team photo’s of Posh teams from the 1990/91 season through to the 1999/00 season.

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1990/91 Season


Back Row: Noel Luke, Garry Butterworth, Dale Watkins, Kevin Bremner, Mark Hine, Phil Crosby and Milton Graham

Middle Row: Dave Robinson, Paul Culpin, Keith Oakes, Paul Bradshaw, George Berry, Steve Osbourne and Gerry McElhinney

Front Row: Bill Harvey, Dave Riley Mark Lawrenson, Mick Halsall, Dave Booth, Darren Clarke and Worrell Sterling

Thanks to John Martins who provided Darren Clarke’s name to enable us to complete the names of all players on this photo.

1991/92 Season


Front Row: Mick Halsall, Gary Kimble, Gary Butterworth, Fred Barber, Ken Charlery, Chris White, Paul Culpin and Matt Edwards.

Middle Row: Bill Harvey, Peter Costello, Micky Turner, Dave Robinson, Ian Bennett, Steve Welsh, Pat Gavin, Hamish Curtis, Paddy Rayment and Keith Oakes.

Front Row: Marcus Ebdon, Ian McInerney, Worrall Sterling, Lil Fuccillo, Chris Turner, Gerry McElhinney, Noel Luke, David Riley and Gary Cooper.

1992/93 Season


Back Row: Tony Adcock, Dominic Iorfa, Darren Bradshaw, Lee Howarth, Ian Bennett, Tony Philliskirk, Fred Barber, Steve Welsh. Noel Luke, Ronnie Robinson and Graham Retallick

Front Row: Worrell Sterling, Tony Spearing, Marcus Ebdon, Mick Halsall, Lil Fuccillo, Keith Oakes, Andy Curtis, Gary Cooper and Bobby Barnes

1993/94 Season


Back Row: Jason Brissett, Tony Adcock, Marcus Ebdon, Chris Greenman, Detsi Krusynski, David McDonald and Ian Carter

Middle Row: Gary Hackett, Dominic Iorfa, Lee Howarth, Scott Cooksey, Mark Peters, Ken Charlery and Darren Edey 

Front Row: Andy Curtis, Steve Welsh, Fred Barber, Darren Bradshaw and Tony Spearing

1995/96 Season


Back Row: Kevin Ashley, Simon Clark, Greg Heald, Lee Power, Dave Morrison, Neil Le Bihan, Gary Breen and Ryan Semple.

Middle Row: Keith Oakes, Sean Farrell, Neil Gregory, Marcus Ebdon, Billy Manuel, Andy Furnell and Mick Halsall

Front Row: Lee Williams, Gary Martindale, Mark Tyler, John Still, Jon Sheffield, Scott McGleish and Tony Spearing

1996/97 Season

Back Row: Ken Charlery, David Morrison, Lee Power, Mike Basham, Jon Sheffield, Mick Bodley, Mark Tyler, Greg Heald, Sean Farrell, Simon Clark, Roger Willis.

Middle Row: Keith Oakes, Adrian Boothroyd, Tony Spearing, Ben Sedgemore, Danny Carter, Carl Griffith, Giuliano Grazioli, Scott McGleish, Steve Welsh, Tom Meredith, Gordon Ogbourne.

Front Row: Marcus Ebdon, Niall Inman, Scott Houghton, Zeke Rowe, Lil Fucillo, Barry Fry, Mick Halsall, Martin O’Connor, Derek Payne, Neil Le Bihan, Adam Drury.

1998/99 Season


Back Row: Ashley Neal, Martin Carruthers, Phil Chapple, James Campbell, Miguel De Souza, Michael Haxthausen, Bart Griemink, Mark Tyler, Dan Connor, Peter Shearer, Warren Kenna,  Mick Bodley, David Rennie and Ashley Vickers

Middle Row: Ogbourne, Anders Koogi, Chris Cleaver, Simon Davies, Adam Drury, Matthew Etherington, Des Linton, Jae Martin, Grant Haley, Matthew Gill, Daniel French, Dave Farrell, Andy Edwards and McLoughlin

Front Row: Francis Green, Richard Scott, Niall Inman, Derek Payne, Scott Houghton, Steve Castle, Barry Fry, Peter Boizot, Jimmy Quinn, Tony Shields, Gerard Lyttle, Giuliano Grazioli, Chris McMenamin and Zeke Rowe

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