Team Photos from 1960/61 to 1969/70

This section of the website shows team photo’s of Posh teams from the 1960/61 season when we entered the Football League  to the 1969/70 season.

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Page last updated: 15th August 2015

1960/61 Season


Back Row: Roy Banham, Cliff Sansby, John Anderson, Jack Walls and Jim Walker

Middle Row: Dick Whittaker, Roy Jacobs, Gerald Graham Dennis Emery, Norman Rigby, Derek Norris, Jim Dunne and Keith Ripley.

Front Row: Billy Hails, Chris Coates, Terry Bly, Jim Rayner, Ray Smith, Peter McNamee, Trevor Atkins and Jimmy Sheavills.

On ground: Ellis Stafford, John Taylor and Ron Cooper.

1961/62 Season


Back Row: Dick Whittaker, Jim Walker, Norman Rigby, Jack Walls, Keith Ripley and Jim Rayner.

Front Row: Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and Peter McNamee.

1963/64 Season


Sadly we don’t have the names of the players or the officials for this photograph from the 1963/64 season. If you know the names of the players or officials in the team photo and where they are in the photo, please contact us at

1967/68 Season


Back Row: Peter Thompson, John Linnell, Tony Millington, Brian Wright, Frank Noble and Mike Maynard.

Front Row: John Fairbrother, Ollie Comny, Frank Rankmore, Dave Metchick and John Mason

1968/69 Season


Back Row: Peter Smith, Jim Hall, Peter Price, Mick Drewery, Brian Wright, Peter Thompson, Tony Millington, John Pyatt, Stuart Brace and Ian Crawford

Front Row: Roger Wosahlo, Colin Garwood, John Wile, Richie Norman, Graham Ricketts, Bobby Downes, Frank Noble, Dick Kwiatkowski, Ollie Conmy and Dave Metchick

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