Team Photos from 1980/81 to 1989/90

This section of the website shows team photo’s of Posh teams from the 1980/81 season to the 1989/90 season.

We are unsure of the first names of players in the 1980/81 and 1989/90 season photos plus in the 1986/87 season photo we are uncertain of one players name so need your help. Can you tell us / confirm the names where we have put a ? mark?

If you have any team photo’s that you would like adding to this section or know the names of the players in the 1980/81, 1986/87 and 1989/90 photos, please contact us at

Page last updated: 16th August 2015

1980/81 Season


Back Row: Jackie Gallagher, Dave Syrett, Steve Collins, Ian Phillips, Tony Cliss, Pat Sharkey and Alan Guy.

Middle Row: Jim Barron, John Winters, Tony Smith, Dave McVay, Keith Waugh, Phil Chard, Ricky Heppolette, Colin Foster and ? Lattimer

Front Row: Mick Lambert, Micky Gynn, Trevor Quow, Peter Morris, Robbie Cooke, Billy Kellock and Tommy Robson

Sitting: ? Chapman, ? Sutton, Graham Scarff, Trevor Slack and Tim Gale

1983/84 Season


Back Row: Bill Harvey, Ivor Linton, Ian Benjamin, Neil Firm, David Seaman, Trevor Slack, Paddy Rayment and Colin Clarke.

Front Row: Mario Ippolitto, Mike Imlach, Martin Pike, David Buchanan, Jon Wile, Phil Chard, John Winters, Kenny Beech and Trevor Quow. 

1984/85 Season


Back Row: Jimmy Holmes, Phil Chard, Alan Waddle, Neil Firm, David Seaman, Ray Hankin, Trevor Slack, Bryan Klug and Bill Harvey

Front Row: Errington Kelly, Kenny Beech, Gary Worrall, Paddy Rayment, John Wile, Francis Cassidy, David Johnson , Martin Pike and Trevor Quow 

1985/86 Season


Back Row: Bill Harvey, Jackie Gallagher, Phil Chard, Trevor Slack, John Turner, Martin Pike, Greig Shepherd and Francis Cassidy

Front Row: Gary Worrall, Errington Kelly, Paddy O’Keefe, John Wile, David Johnson, Lil Fuccillo and Trevor Quow

1986/87 Season


Back Row: Steve Collins, Errington Kelly, Mark Nightingale, Les Lawrence, Joe Neenan. Kevin Shoemake, Gary Pollard, Paul Price and Alan Paris.

Front Row: Bryn Gunn, Steve Phillips, David Riley, Mick Halsall, Ashley Carr (?), Micky Nuttall and Noel Like.

1989/90 Season


Back Row: ? Atkin, Steve Osbourne, Dave Robinson, Keith Oakes, Adrian Speed, Gary Andrews and ? Wills

Middle Row: Worrell Sterling, Noel Luke, Gerry McElhinney, Paul Crichton, Tony Godden, Carl Richards, Milton Graham and Craig Goldsmith.

Front Row: Dave Longhurst, David Harle, Mick Halsall, Gary Butterworth, ? Sullivan and Phil Crosby

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