Team Photos from 1970/71 to 1979/80

This section of the website shows team photo’s of Posh teams from the 1970/71 season  to the 1979/80 season.

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Page last updated: 26th June 2017

1970/71 Season


Back Row: Bobby Park, Chris Turner, Ray Smith, Allan Russell, Eric Brookes, Dickie Dighton, Mick Drewery, Jim Hall, Robin Wade, Trevor Freestone and Don Heath

Middle Row: Jim Walker, Frank Noble, Dennis Oakes, John Duncliffe, Jack Carmichael, Jim Iley, Bobby Moss, Micky Darrell, Tommy Robson and Billy Hails

Front Row: Keith Oakes, David Hill, John Marshall and Clive Reedman



Back Row: Eric Brookes, Peter Price, Dickie Dighton, Chris Turner, Brian Wright, Mick Drewery, Jim Hall and Dennis Oakes

Middle Row: Bobby Moss, Frank Noble, John Duncliffe, Jim Iley (Manager), Bob Turpie, Jack Carmichael and Ollie Conmy

Front Row: Tommy Robson, Micky Darrell, Colin Garwood and Dick Kwiatkowski

1973/74 Season


The Division 4 Championship winning squad.

Back Row: Keith Oakes, Chris Turner, Jim Hall and Dave Llewelyn

Middle Row: Bert Murray, Jack Carmichael, Eric Steele, Mick Drewery, Mick Jones, Keith Bradley and Tommy Robson.

Front Row: John Barnwell, Paul Walker, Freddie Hill, John Cozens, Dave Gregory, Jeff Lee and Noel Cantwell

1974/75 Season

Back Row: John Cozens, John Winfield, Jim Hall, Eric Steele, Chris Turner, Freddie Hill  and Jeff Lee.

Front Row: Keith Bradley, Bert Murray, Jeff Lee, Paul Walker  and Tommy Robson

1975/76 Season


Back Row: Keith Bradley, Jack Carmichael, Lyndon Hughes, Eric Steele, Mick Jones, Jon Nixon and Jeff Lee.

Front Row: Jim Walker, Bert Murray, Dave Gregory, Chris Turner, Peter Eustace, John Cozens and Tommy Robson

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