Team Photos

In this section of the museum we share with you Posh team photo’s from yesteryear.

This page shows three photos of Posh teams in the 1930’s.

However we have many more photo’s so click on the sub-sections for each decade from the 1940’s to the 2010’s for more team photo’s and memories. 

1934/35 Season


Back Row: Mr J.T. Fisher, Mr J.L. George, Mr J.E. Swain, Mr H. Gollings, Staniland, Doyle, Harris, Kendall, Fred Taylor, Goodacre, Hargreaves, Mr H. Poulter, Mr W. Warrington and Mr F.C. Chapman.

Front Row: Rigby, Cowen, Thompson, Camidge and Roberts.

1938/39 Season


Back Row: C. Hart, C. McDonagh, I . Manterfield, H. Willis and  J. Rose

Second Row: F. Carmichael (Reserve Trainer), H Poulter (Secretary), J. Cooper, Jack Smith, D. Black, F. Warnes, A. Leavy, Jim Smith (Trainer), W. Compton and R. Griggs (Director)

Third Row: J. Swain (Director), P . Hall (Director), H. Fielding, E. Brooksbank, R. Gollings(Chairman), S. Haden (Player-Manager), G. Bowater, W. Warrington (Director) and  R. Whitelam (Director)

Front Row: S. Rowbotham, A. Sharp, C, MacCartney, C. Parker, F. White and J. Watts



Back Row: Haden, H. Smith, Tasker, Warnes, Shelton, Hewitt, Jack Smith and John Smith

Front Row: Brooksbank, Rowbotham, MacCartney, Johnston and Rudkin

We are constantly updating this section of the website as we get more photographs of Posh teams over the years.

Our goal is to get a photo for each season from our formation in 1934 to date (with the exception of the 1940/41 to 1944/45 seasons when competitive football in the UK ceased due to World War II). To date we have 52 so we need your help in tracking down photos of teams from 27 seasons.

If you have any photo’s of Posh teams from the 1930’s that are not on this page or the seasons we are missing photos that you would like adding, please contact us at

Page last updated: 09 August 2017