Goalie shirts

This page of the museum shows pictures of goalie shirts.  Special thanks to Nick Warrick who supplied all the photo’s for this page of the museum.

Page last updated: 21st June 2015

We start with some from the 1970’s:

unnamed   unnamed2   unnamed112gif

Now to the 80’s and 90’s:

unnamed4   unnamed5   unnamed6

And now the more recent:

unnamed111   unnamed9   unnamed12

              tyler              tyler-back

              Jalal              jalal back

unnamed11 unnamed13unnamed15

unnamed16              unnamed20

 lewis-2              lewis-2-backlewis3              lewis-3-back

lewis              lewis-back

olejnik              olejnik-back

olejnik2              olejnik2-back

We hope you enjoyed this page of the museum. If you have any goalie shirts that are not on this page  and would like us to add, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk