In this section of the museum are details and photographs of Posh shirts from years gone by (as well as the current shirt).

This page shows the eight shirts we have from before the 1990/91 season.

We have separate sub-sections for the periods 1990/91 to 1999/00, 2000/01 to 2009/10 and 2010/11 onwards as we have numerous examples of the shirts worn during those periods.

We also have a goalie’s shirt section of which all photo’s were supplied by Nick Warrick.

We hope to add more shirts (particularly older ones) so please come back to visit the shirt sections in the museum soon.

PS If you have any photographs of Posh shirts you would like adding, please contact us at

Shirts section last updated: 18th August 2016

1968/72 Seasons

Our away shirt.


1977/78 Season

Our home shirt.


1979/1981 Seasons

Our home shirt.


1982/83 Season

Our home shirt.


1983/84 Season

Our home shirt.


1986/87 Season

Our home shirt.


1987/88 Season

Our home shirt.


1988/89 Season

Our home shirt.


Special thanks to Andrew Desborough, Mick Rule and Nick Warrick who have all provided us with photographs for the shirts pages of the museum.

If you are interested in kits from years gone by, a fantastic website that shows all English and Scottish league football clubs kits is ‘Historical Football Kit’s. For a complete history of the Posh’s kit since 1934 click on the following link which will re-direct you to the page on their website which will show you all our old kits