Posh Reserves

In this section of the museum we are creating sub-sections by decade to share with you league tables, fixtures, goal scorers and appearances of players who played for Peterborough Utd Reserves.

Many Reserve team players never made the first team but contributed to the success of the football club so we felt this section was worthy of inclusion in our museum.

To start off this section of the museum we have created two sub-sections; ‘The 1930’s’ and ‘The 1940’s’.

We are in the process of producing the remaining sub-sections (every decade from the 1950’s to the 2010’s) and will update the museum as soon as we have finalised the information.

If you have any further details or information on the Reserves, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk so we can update this page of the museum.

Special thanks to Mick Robinson who provided most of the information contained within this section of the museum.