Miss Posh

In this section of the museum we will be sharing with you photo’s and details of some the people who have held the coveted title of “Miss Posh” or “Miss Peterborough United”.

We know there has been more than four Miss Posh’s plus we have tracked down two “Miss Peterborough United’s”, however we have only been able to find pictures and information of two Miss Posh’s and two Miss Peterborough United’s.

If you know of any other Miss Posh’s or Miss Peterborough United’s, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk so that we can update this page of the museum.

Page last updated: 1 February 2019

Jess Weaver

The current Miss Posh. Jess was voted Miss Posh by fans of the club in the summer of 2010 and officially became Miss Posh in August 2010.

As Miss Posh Jess appeared on TV in the long-running Soccer-AM football show’s weekly Soccerette feature.

Jess has links with Posh Supporters Trust as she was a Board member from October 2007 to October 2009.

Barbara Maycock

According to the 1959/60 Peterborough United Football Supporters’ Club handbook, Barbara was “Miss Peterborough United”.

Sadly we have no other information on “Miss Peterborough United” or Barbara. Therefore if you know whether “Miss Peterborough United” was the forerunner of Miss Posh / know of or have any information on Barbara, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk.

Shirley Butler

Shirley, a telephonist from Longlandes Yard, Ramsey was winner of the 1961 Miss Peterborough United competition which was held at the Posh Ballroom on Saturday 25th March 1961.

Shirley, took over the title of Miss Peterborough United from Barbara Maycock, went on to compete in the Queen of the Midlands Supporters’ Club contest at Kettering on 15th April 1961.

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Viv Browne – Miss Posh 1976

We know very little about Viv except that she was Miss Posh for the 1976/77 season and that she was on the judging panel for the following year’s Miss Posh contest.

If you have any information on Viv or a photo of her as Miss Posh, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk.

Sandee Lane – Miss Posh 1977

We are very fortunate that Miss Posh 1977 has kindly written the following about her time / experience as Miss Posh.

“I was very privileged to be chosen as Miss Posh on 17th April 1977 for the 1977/78 season.  The event was held every year by the Posh Supporters TClub with a panel of judges. On this occasion they were the Posh Supporters Club President, Henry Harris and his wife Val and Peterborough Advertiser Posh correspondent Mike Barnes and his wife Lynne, plus the previous year’s Miss Posh Viv Browne.  It was a Sunday evening and the event was held in the Posh Club, with supporting entertainment by P Wilkinson.  Pete and my family attended the event with me and were also very proud when I was announced as winner.  In second place was Paula Thacker of Godmanchester and in third place was Jean Eddings of Yaxley.  I won a staggering £15.00! and a lovely bouquet of flowers and received a ‘Miss Posh’ sash, which I still have to this day.

I had a great year and thoroughly enjoyed my time as Miss Posh.  Then the main roles to carry out were on a Saturday evening at the Posh Club, by drawing the raffle etc., with any other tasks they asked of me.

Also as a Supporters Club representative I was invited to attend the National Federation Supporters Clubs (Midland Division), which fortunately was held at Stanground Comprehensive School on Sat 7th May 1977.  Entertainment on this occasion was by the Terry Mann Band, a very good local dance band in the day.  Unfortunately I was not placed in the top three with the winner being crowned as Midland Football Queen, was Liz Fewtrell from Birmingham.

I also did a little photo shoot at the club which was fun. It was also great to meet the players during some of these photo sessions. One of my most enjoyable ones was at Christmas time in 1977, when I was asked to dress in a Miss Santa Claus outfit.  I had the privilege of presenting the match ball, on behalf of the Supporters Club, on Tuesday, 20th December 1977 when Posh played Gillingham and even better was that our Captain at the time was none other than dear Chris Turner.

The following April when my reign had come to an end there was another event held to choose my predecessor, again this was held at the Supporters Club and I was asked to present the judges with chocolates, also receiving a leaving gift myself.  The new Miss Posh was named as Bridget Atkinson.

I don’t remember when the event ceased of choosing the annual Miss Posh by the Supporters Club.

As a long-time supporter of Posh and season ticket holder, many years after holding this title I would sometimes still be asked to do the occasional promotion work for Posh, this is when they didn’t have a regular Miss Posh.  On one occasion I seem to recall some controversy when Victoria Beckham, who was, as we all know called Posh Spice when she was with the Spice Girls, wanting to start a brand of clothing called ‘Miss Posh’.  There was, I believe some challenges about this and I seem to think she believed she had the right to use the name, but I don’t think anything came of this in the end.  I was, at the time contacted by the Club to ask if I would speak with one of the daily newspapers, possibly The Sun to give my opinion as to why I thought it wasn’t a good idea to allow this to happen!  I also believe that it was following this sometime later that the lads in the media office at Posh decided to get another Miss Posh, hence the voting was opened via the media and Jess Weaver was announced as the new Miss Posh, a worthy winner as she is a true supporter of the Club and I believe anyone who is a representative of a Football Club should be a fan.

I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Miss Posh”.

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Bridget Atkinson – Miss Posh 1978

We know very little about Bridget except that she was Miss Posh for the 1978/79 season.

If you have any information on Bridget or a photo of her as Miss Posh, please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk.