Fulham v Posh 3rd Proper 10 Jan 1959

Venue: Craven Cottage, Fulham

Attendance: 31,908

Score: Peterborough Utd 0 v Fulham 0

Referee: T.W. Dawes.

Hip hip hooray for Peterborough. Three cheers for the League outsiders, not only did they tame Second Division Fulham but almost sent them reeling out of the cup. Peterborough are the team I am following  this up, we’ll not be parting company for a while yet.

Their wildly excited fans, led by a Mr. Posh in top hat and silk lined opera cloak, swarmed round the blue shirted players at the finish with their congratulations.

I hope someone also remembered to say hard luck. For, as I see it, with a little bit of luck Peterborough would have been through to the fourth round already.

With a little bit of luck, those two sharp shooters, Dennis Emery and Billy Hails, would have got one at least past the magnificent Tony Macedo. With a little luck, Hails flying header, minutes after the restart, would have gone in.

As is was, there was only one piece of luck on Peterborough’s side. That was when Johnny Haynes went down in the penalty area – and the referee strangely, I thought, awarded a goal kick instead of one from the penalty spot.

Peterborough the Posh versus Fulham the drab. That’s what it was. And it was Fulham who looked far more humble than the Midland Leaguers.

I have seldom seen worse. They would have been out now if it hadn’t been for that sure fingered acrobat Macedo – in spite of Jim Langley’s sterling efforts to infuse some sort of punch into this milk and water side.

In everything but goals Peterborough were the masters – and the confidence men. Fulham, apart from Leggatt, hadn’t a forward to try his luck with a shot. A pity! – because Haynes schemed several useful openings.

Everyone of them made the mistake of trying to tip-tap a way through, instead of chancing the long shot that might have pulled it off.

And that Peterborough defence, early on, didn’t look too certain to me. But Fulham were obviously thinking in reverse – at least, that’s the way it seemed from the way so many of their passes were made.

I am wondering whether Jimmy Hill was really fit, though I am assured he was. Certainly he was only a pale shadow of his old self.

For effectiveness, he never compared with Posh’s Emery, the man half the League clubs in the country must have watched at some time or other. This was one of those days when Emery showed them all what they have missed. I’ve never seen him better.

But perhaps it’s unfair to single out individuals in this gallant side.

The forwards always moved with more purpose than Fulham’s. The defence shook off its early uncertainty – and in goal, Jack Walls was equal to everything.

I quite agree with Peterborough’s manager, Jimmy Hagan. If Fulham don’t do better in the replay they’ve had it.



The Posh: Jack Walls, Ellis Stafford, Jim Walker, Derek Chadwick, Roy Banham, Norman Rigby, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Ray Smith, Jim Rayner and Peter McNamee.

Fulham: Macedo, Cohen, Langley, Lowe, Bentley, Lawler, Leggatt, Hill, Cook, Haynes and Johnson.