Chelsea V Posh FA Cup 6th Rd – 6 March 1965

Venue: Stamford Bridge, Fulham, London

Attendance: 63,635

Score: Chelsea 5 v Posh 1

Officials: Jack Parkinson, F.J. Bricknell and Derek Nippard.

Referee Jack Parkinson had hardly put his penny back in his pocket after the toss up when Posh captain and right half Vic Crowe slipped trying to make the first tackle of the game. Play continued for a moment or so and then the unlucky Crowe was taken off on a stretcher with a torn groin muscle.

When he limped back on 18 minutes later this match was all over.

If the Posh had decided there and then to catch the next train home you could not have blamed them – because in one three minute spell of lightning strikes Chelsea had scored three times.

What on earth could be expected to answer that?

Manager Gordon Clark said, “It’s just one of those things. Crowe may be out for the rest of the season. It’s a deep-seated injury and he had to have a pain killing injection to keep him going. We did not really expect to beat Chelsea with eleven men – let alone ten. Crowe was the last man we wanted injured, for his presence is worth two player.”

Tough guy Crowe – his cup spirit keeping him going – was only the second player to score against Chelsea during this cup run.

Said Crowe, “That goal hurt like hell. But I wish I could have got four more like it. I wasn’t tackled or even touched. I just twisted, my studs caught in the turf and my groin went. But once they had numbed the injury I couldn’t leave the lads to slide out of the cup on their own.”

Posh can at least claim that they were never disgraced and that few teams could have done better.

It was that tragic Crowe-less 18 minutes that really wrecked them.

In that time Tambling had screwed a ball between Duff’s left arm and the post for the goal that set Chelsea on their way.

Then Hollins cracked in one after a free kick ruse – Hinton overrunning the ball to let Mortimer play it and Hollins running through a gap to make the last contact.

And then the third in three minutes came when Tambling, from the narrowest of angles, calmly shot through Duff’s legs.

Duff was over anxious and to blame for two of those goals. And he might have cut off Murray’s centre that led to Bridges getting the fourth.

No side can let Chelsea get away with a four goal flyer, and the Posh certainly couldn’t. Not even after the limping Crowe had used his wonky leg to steer a McNamee drive to make it 4-1.

But Posh had to fight the rest of this game as a rearguard action.

Give them credit. It was not until the dying kicks that Chelsea scored again – through Murray, with an overhead shot.

It wasn’t the football of champs or indeed Cup winners, but it was enough.

Receipts from the game were £17,486.


The Posh: Willie Duff, Ron Cooper, Graham Birks, Vic Crowe, Frank Rankmore, Harry Orr, Ron Barnes, Ollie Conmy, Derek Dougan, Peter Deakin and Peter McNamee.

Chelsea: Peter Bonetti, Marvin Hinton, Ron Harris, John Hollins, John Mortimore, John Boyle, Bert Murray, George Graham, Bobby Tambling, Barry Bridges and Terry Venables.

Goal scorers: The Posh – Vic Crowe 41 mins. Chelsea – Bobby Tambling (2) 11 mins & 15 mins, John Hollins 13 mins, Barry Bridges 30 mins and Bert Murray 88 mins