Doncaster Rovers v Posh 20th September 1960

Venue: Belle Vue, Doncaster

Attendance: 9,644

Score: Doncaster Rovers 1 v Peterborough Utd 2

Officials: R. Langdale.

The officials, players and supporters of Doncaster Rovers seemed to be peculiar in that they dislike brilliance of any kind. Not only was this match on Tuesday evening played under the most inadequate floodlighting system in the country but any brightness that United tried to bring into the game was quickly extinguished by some typically dull Fourth Division football from the home team.

The floodlights were so bad that it just wasn’t possible to follow all the play. It was quite apparent, however, that Posh had to work hard for the points and that they only succeeded by refusing to be dragged down to the low level of their opponents.

Again United attracted another best crowd for months and the Doncaster fans soon made it obvious that they hadn’t come to see Peterborough play but to see Peterborough beaten.

There was little danger of that as Posh seem to have learned the lesson of their defeats against Mansfield and Stockport and although many goal chances went begging there was an urgency about their play to which Doncaster had no answer.

Terry Bly almost put United ahead in the first five minutes but he was beaten to the ball by goalkeeper Nimmo. Then the centre forward headed the ball down for new left winger John Taylor to crack a great shot against the crossbar.

Doncaster used their dim lights to good advantage, taking every opportunity to fire in long shots which a lesser man than Jack Walls would never have seen in the gloom.

But Jack saw them all. He played magnificently and United must thank his keen eyesight for the fact that Rovers did not ‘steal’ a couple of goals in the first half hour.

The only trouble for Jack came from behind the goal and he had to call the referee’s attention to the fact that a spectator was blowing a whistle.

Doncaster’s player manager, Norman Curtis, became near desperate with his tackles as Posh pounded home attack after attack. Seven times he brought down Hails and finally received a warning from the referee.

Doncaster’s right half Haigh was unlucky with a great shot which was inches wide and at the other end came the miss of the match when Emery teed the ball up for Taylor only to see him put it wide of the empty net.

But United were not to be denied and they went ahead after 30 minutes. Emery was unlucky to see his shot on the run turned away for a corner, but this resulted in a goal.

Smith returned the short corner and the wingers accurate header was met by Bly who thrust himself forward to head a great goal.

Five minutes before the interval there was an amazing scene as Posh flung everything into attack. Nearly a dozen shots from close in rebounded from defenders and the uprights before Taylor finally shot wide.

On the stroke of half time Doncaster’s forwards charged the ball into the net, but although the referee at first awarded a goal he changed his mind after consulting a linesman. This caused an uproar among the Doncaster players and there was much shaking of fists as they left the field.

In the second half Doncaster were obviously determined to stop United at all costs.

But they couldn’t stop Dennis Emery and after 55 minutes he dribbled round the goalkeeper to leave himself with an open goal. His shot struck the underside of the crossbar and bounced out just in front of the goal line. Bly was following up, however, and he calmly nodded the ball into the net.

Posh continued to dominate the play and the home team’s attack were spasmodic. A harmless looking effort on the right after 70 minutes brought their only goal of the game when Walker was alleged to have fouled Fernie just inside the penalty area.

Curtis stepped up to take the kick and Doncaster were back in the game. All their efforts for a winner came to nought, however, and United fully deserved their two points.


Posh: Jack Walls, Ellis Stafford, Jim Walker, Jim Rayner, Norman Rigby, Keith Ripley, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and John Taylor.

Doncaster: Nimmo, White, Curtis, Haigh, Lunn, Seaton, Kilkenny, Fernie, Broadbent, Walker and Meredith.

Goals: Posh – Terry Bly (2) 30 mins & 55 mins. Doncaster – Norman Curtis 70 mins.