Barrow v Posh 10 Dec 60

Venue: Holker Street, Barrow

Attendance: 6,338

Score: Barrow 2 v Peterborough Utd 1

Referee: J. Kelly.

After their brilliant displays against Torquay Utd and Millwall in recent weeks Peterborough United really disappointed everyone, including themselves, with their performance against Barrow. Had they produced the same form as they did against Millwall then Posh would have won with ease

As it was they seemed to have lost their sparkle. The defence, with the possible exception of Norman Rigby, had a nightmare of a match and the forwards didn’t seem capable of breaking through the rugged home defence.

Barrow took the points by the margin of a single goal, but United might well have lost by two or three more goals.

Surprisingly Barrow were quicker on the ball than Posh, particularly in the first half. Everything they tried went right while United could do little to stop them.

Only some great defensive work by Rigby who had one of his best games of the season kept Barrow at bay for so long.

Their moves were crude and obvious but the produced two goals before half time.

The first should never have been, Jack Walls had ample time to see a centre from Kemp’s corner kick on the left wing but he moved too late and palmed the ball into his own net.

This shock for United came after only seven minutes and it did a lot to unsettle the team which had obviously been struggling to find its feet.

Barrow pressed home their advantage and the result was a shaky Posh defence and a virtually ineffective forward line.

It was no surprise when the home side went further ahead midway through the first half, centre forward Lowes beating Walls with a low shot.

The United wing halves never really got a grip on play in midfield and Barrow always appeared to be on the attack.

Dennis Emery and Ray Smith worked hard to get United on the attack, but with Terry Bly having a difficult time in the middle most of the moves had to come from the wingers.

Both Peter McNamee and Billy Hails found themselves up against tough opponents with the result that Posh had only a few shots at goal before the interval.

United’s only hopes seemed to lie in a second half rally sparked off by an early goal. Ray Smith got the goal shortly after the re-start when he ran in to score with the home side appealing for offside.

The rally followed according to plan, but Barrow’s defence was master of every situation and United’s attempt to get on level terms failed miserably.


Posh: Jack Walls, Dick Whittaker, Jim Walker, Jim Rayner, Norman Rigby, Keith Ripley, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and Peter McNamee.

Barrow: Lowes, Kemp, rest unknown.

Goals: Posh – Ray Smith 66 mins. Barrow – Jack Walls (Own Goal) 7 mins and Lowes 27 mins.