Hartlepools Utd v Peterborough Utd 22nd August 1960

Venue: Victoria Ground, Hartlepool

Attendance: 10,304

Score: Peterborough Utd 2 v Hartlepools Utd 0

Referee: A. Edge.


Walls stars in great defence

You can’t help falling for ! ! ! ! !

Most people in these days of television know that the name of Peterborough’s goalkeeper comes next. Two fantastic saves, coupled with a display of confident handling, made Walls the man to draw most applause from the 10,304 crowd at the Victoria Ground.

Obviously, most of these people who made up Hartlepools biggest attendance for two seasons have been starved of good football.

While talking of TV and advertising let us remember that the Peterborough we follow are advertised as “United” and united they were, especially in defence. It is a credit all round to the six defenders that the goals against column still reads “0”.

The fighting capabilities of Ellis Stafford and Jim Walker were backed up by those expertly timed tackles which have become a habit of Norman Rigby. The quartet already mentioned always had the co-operation of the wing halves and inside forwards who were keen to keep the ball moving in the true fashion of good football.

Hartlepools never really looked capable of scoring goals and the Peterborough forwards will, I am sure, forgive me if I credit this to a fine defensive performance.

Mind you goals count … and Terry Bly scorer of both will be the first to admit that he led a good line.

Emery gave Patterson, Hartlepools best player, a hectic evening and Hails after a quiet first half went looking for the ball in the second.

Smith was his old self, always in the game and always dangerous. McNamee weighed up Waugh well and towards the end the Hartlepools full back spent most of his time on the sitting part of his shorts.

The Peterborough winger was very unlucky not to score in the second half, the ball bobbing the wrong way on an uneven patch of ground.

The goals that were scored were both claimed by grafter Terry Bly. The first came in the 25th minute when Ray Smith worked his way to the right wing. As his centre came across, Bly went up with Wilkinson, got there first and headed into the roof of the net.

The second, five minutes later was scored with a good shot on the turn after Norris had brought the ball through.

When Peterborough walked off after this game, they were not just clapped, they were cheered. Perhaps they are not so wild up there after all.

Among those watching the game were former Peterborough manager Bob Gurney, another ex-England and Sunderland star Len Shackleton and Mr E.J. Hallam who recently withdrew his nomination for the Peterborough Board of Directors.


Posh: Jack Walls, Ellis Stafford, Jim Walker, Jim Rayner, Norman Rigby, Derek Norris, Billy Hails, Dennis Emery, Terry Bly, Ray Smith and Peter McNamee.

Hartlepools: Joe Wilkinson, Ken Waugh, Billy Anderson, Ken Johnson, George Lackenby, George Patterson, Clive Bircham, Bobby Lumley, Doug Cooper, Harry Clark and Ken Butler.

Goal scorer: Terry Bly (2).