Dartford v Posh FA Cup 1st Rd Proper 28 Nov 1936

Venue: Watling Street, Dartford

Attendance: 3,486

Score: Dartford 3 v Peterborough Utd 0

Referee: F.A Warner

The Posh’s FA Cup career came to an end when Dartford laid them low by three goals to nil in the 1st Round Proper of the competition.

The best that can be said for the Posh is that they were lucky to escape so lightly. They were saved from a heavier defeat by goalkeeper Jack Kendall, the hero of the match, who held shots from all angles and in the closing minutes he brilliantly saved a penalty shot.

Posh’s forward line, which played so well at Grimsby the previous week, did not come up to expectations. It was evidently a mistake to keep Sam Rowbotham at inside right. The fire usually in the right wing was missing and there was an absence of the clever passing and inter-changing of positions which one sees when Rigby partners Wilson.

The wing was certainly a source of danger, but Rowbotham’s passes to Wilson in the early stages were either too far forward or too high for the winger to reach. It was a pity, because Wilson was too much for Dartford left back and often had a clear field to goal.

Later on Rowbotham was able to judge his passes better but by that time Roberts had slowed up considerably, and was never ready to take Wilson’s centres.

The left wing was disappointing, and although Jack Briggs and Syd Sims showed flashes of individual brilliance they never struck their best form simultaneously, and if one did not lose the ball the other did!

Len Hargreaves was the pick of the half backs and was probably the most consistent player in the side. Ted Chiverton was weak at right half and nearly all his passes were intercepted by a Dartford player. During the second half he over the leadership and played better in that position.

Froggart who had his hands full in holding Meads, was limping before the end and he left the field for a short time. On his return the team was rearranged and he went on the right wing, Wilson moving to inside right, and Rowbotham back into the middle line.

For a long period the half backs concentrated on helping the defence. Charlie Wilson and Charlie Bisby were triers, but they were often beaten by the speed of the Dartford attack.

Dartford had one reserve in their team, R. Day a centre half, filling Calder’s place at right half. Rutherford, Dartford’s goalkeeper, had a very easy time and did not touch the ball with his hands more than half a dozen times. Hogg and Kiddy were safe backs and their long kicks soon dashed any hopes the Posh forwards might have had. There was never a need for their half backs to play defensive football. The forwards were at the top of their form and, as a Dartford supporter said after the match, “They have never played better.”

Harron was a dangerous winger and there was always the possibility of a goal when he centred. Towards the end the forwards delighted the crowd with splendid passing movements which had the Posh all at sea.

In a lively opening Dartford forced a corner on the left but Wilson and Bisby managed to clear. The home team penned the Posh in their own half and a long pass from Harron was gathered by Meads who sent in a hard drive which Kendall saved well.

From Kendall’s clearance Sims gained possession and after beating two opponents he centred for Wilson to head in but Kiddy dribbled the ball away from the goal and cleared.

The Posh were soon in the picture again and Roberts, after a brilliant run, put in a shot which Rutherford saved at full length.

The first goal came on 27 minutes when Gardiner, taking up Harron’s pass, beat Kendall with a left foot shot.

Two minutes later Meads scored the second with a snap shot from outside the penalty area, the ball going in under Kendall’s outstretched arms.

Moseley sent Meads away again but Kendall made a magnificent save and pushed out another shot from Meads who caught the ball on the rebound.

Dartford’s third goal came two minutes after the interval when Meads netted from Harron’s centre.

With this further set back the Posh seemed to lose all hope. Kendall was kept busy in the following minutes and made great saves from Meads, Moseley and Gardiner.

 The Posh rearranged their forward line, Chiverton going to the centre position and Roberts to right half. This did not have the desired effect at once, but after further Dartford pressure the Posh forward line suddenly came to life and Chiverton, from Briggs’ pass put in a shot which Rutherford just managed to hold.

The forward line was again altered and Froggart, who was limping, went on the right wing and Rowbotham dropped back into the half back line, while Wilson went to inside right. The Posh were awarded a free kick just outside the home penalty area and Hargreaves’ shot was tipped over the bar by Rutherford. Sims took the corner but his shot hit the side net.

In the closing minutes Kendall made two fine saves from Moseley and was applauded when he saved Harron’s penalty awarded when Bisby fouled Meads.


The Posh: Jack Kendall, Charlie Wilson, Charlie Bisby, Len Hargreaves, Ted Chiverton, T. Froggart, Jackie Wilson, Harry Roberts, Sam Rowbotham, Jack Briggs and Syd Sims.

Dartford: Rutherford, Hogg, Kiddy, Day, Nicholas, Collins, McGregor, Moseley, Meads, Gardiner and Harron.

Goal scorers: Dartford – Gardiner 27 mins and Meads (2) 29 mins & 47 mins.