Posh v Yeovil Town 1st Rd Proper Replay 5 Dec 1946

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Attendance: 8,697

Score: Peterborough Utd 1 v Yeovil Town 0

Referee: Unknown.

Rarely has cup tie fever reached such a pitch in Peterborough as it did at this game, when Yeovil visited London Road in the replay of the 1st Round of the FA Cup competition.

Forty minutes before kick off it was estimated that there were 8,000 people on the ground and when the game started the crowd had swelled to about 9,000. The stand was packed at 12.30, an hour and half before the kick off.

With the draw already made, the winners know they will be at home to Northampton Town in the second round on Saturday 14th December.

Peterborough made two changes from the team which drew 2-2 at Yeovil. Rickards filled the inside right position and Tom Smith displaced Woods at right half. White, Yeovil’s regular centre forward obtained special leave from his C.O. at Tewkesbury and Mann was dropped.

Yeovil were the more dangerous side in the opening minutes. They were finding their men better and the Peterborough defenders hhad their work cut out to hold lively forwards.

The clearing was hurried at times, but the backs and halves weathred the storm. Then the United began to show greater assurance. The forwards went into action and the tenth minute saw an onslaught on the Yeovil goal.

First a shot from Rudkinwas blocked on the line, and then Ridout whipped the ball off Bramham’s foot as he was about to shoot.  A moment later. in a goalmouth melee, Padgett took a flying leap at the ball and a goal seemed ceratin. But somehow Hickman manahed to hold the ball between his knees.

Suddenly Gore broke away on the right and, beating Parrott, he sent in a pile-driver which Silcocks knocked down. The ball bounced out to Stock, who looked a sure scorer, but his shot was parried and Silcocks fell on the ball on the line.

Peterborough were soon on the move again and for two minutes the ball bobbed about in the Yeovil goalmouth. Though shoy after shot and header after header were put in, the goal bore a charmed life.

Five minutes from half time came the biggest thrill so far. Ridout punched out froim Rudkin and the ball fell almost at the feet of Jim Smith, 30 yards out. Meeting the ball on the run he drove it for a corner of the net, but Ridout flung himself across the goal to push it past.

From the cornet Bayliss dropped the ball at Bramham’s feet but the shot was stopped and Hickman cleared from the line.

Thrills came thick and fast in the opening minutes of the second half, and with the way Peterborough were pressing, it did not seem possible that the Yeovil goal could hold out much longer.

In the fiftieth minute Bryan made a  hefty clearance from just outside the Peterborough half and and the ball dropped just under the bar. Ridout punched clear and the ball went to Bayliss, who made a valiant attempt to score from an acute angle. But once more Ridout came to the rescue, this time pushing the ball out to Padgett. The United inside left banged the ball back , but there were so many defenders on the goal line that it was almost impossible to get past them.

So superior were Peterborough that even Warnes was up with the attack and it was through his efforts that the United went ahead in the 56th minute.

Warnes took the ball well up, beat Affleck, and slipped it out to Rudkin who, meeting it on the run, crashed it into a corner of the net.

Excitement was intense and the cheering and ringing of bells lasted fully five minutes. Bramham netted again, but was ruled offside.

Yeovil were sorely pressed and Affleck, Hickman and Doyle were content to kick anywhere to gain a oment’s respite.

After 65 minutes the Peterborough forwards seemed to tire a little, and the defence came into action more frequently. Warnes, in Yeovil’s spasmodic attacks, had played a wonderful game and White rarely came came into the picture. Bryan and Parrott too helped to form a defence as solid as a rock so much so that Silcocks was having a comparitively easy time.

Nine minutes from the end Bramham missed an open goal. Rickards started the movement, putting the ball well forward for Rudkin, who easily rounded Hickman and closed in on goal. Ridout ran out to meet him, but the winger flicked the ball well out of his reach to Bramham, who from ten yards skimmed the bar with Ridout yards away from the goal.

Near the end Peterborough had a stroke of bad luck. With six minutes to go Jim Smith was involved in a collison with Sibley and had to be carried off.

Yeovil now saw a slender chance of pulling the game out of the fire but with ten en Peterborough fought back strongly and it looked as though they would score again when a long pass from Rickards was taken up by Bayliss.

The winger, in one of his charcacteristic sprints, got within shooting distance but tried to get the ball across to Bramham, waiting in the middle. Affleck however, was on the spot and beat Bramham to the ball.

The last two minutes saw Peterborough defending strongly. Try as they might the Yeovil forwards could make no impression.


The Posh: Len Silcocks, Bernie Bryan, Cyril Parrott, Tom Smith, Fred Warnes, Jimmy Smith, Ken Bayliss, Tommy Rickards, Arnold Bramham, John Padgett and Tommy Rudkin.

Yeovil Town: Ridout, Hickman, Doyle, Sibley, Affleck, Collins, Gore, Smith, White, Stock and Hartburn.

Goal scorers: The Posh – Tommy Rudkin 56 mins.