Posh v Westwood Works 1st Qualifying Rd 4 Oct 1947

Venue: London Road, Peterborough

Attendance: 4,083

Score: Peterborough Utd 5 v Westwood Works 0

Referee: D.F. Gibson

Beating Westwood Works 5-0 in the first Qualifying Round of the FA Cup at London Road called for no real effort from the United.

Although the visitors played hard and to the limit of their ability, the wide gulf between Peterborough League and Midland League class was all too painfully apparent.

Unkind critics have suggested that the United ought to have won by a dozen clear goals. It might be more charitable to assume that as they were never seriously extended, they seldom felt the necessity to pull their best out of the bag.

Harris, Jones and Ranshaw were back after recovering from injuries, and only Ranshaw distinguished himself. Quick and forceful, he was a model of precision in attack and his two goals were a just reward.

Brooksbank gave a creditable display on the right wing, scoring with two beautiful drives and blazing half a dozen more narrowly wide. Rawson initiated several nice movements in midfield.

Goodwin, the Works goalkeeper, deservedly established himself as the star of the match. His performance lacked polish but there was nothing wanting in pluck and daring.

How the goals came:

10 minutes: Brooksbank seized on a wide pass, tricked Beddows and gave Goodwin no chance with a cross drive.

12 minutes: Brooksbank ran in to meet a high centre  from Ranshaw and shot high into the net.

43 minutes: After beating Coltman, only to have his shot blocked, Ranshaw made no mistake off the rebound.

49 minutes: Jones netted from close range after an interchange movement with Bramham.

75 minutes: Ranshaw picked up a Rickards centre and drove the ball well beyond Goodwin’s reach.


The Posh: Bob Ferguson, Bernie Bryan, Cyril Parrott, Tommy Rickards, Fred Warnes, Tom Harris, Nat Brooksbank, Ron Jones, Arnold Bramham, Colin Rawson and Jack Ranshaw.

Westwood Works: Goodwin, Coltman, Beddows, Miller, Parker, Quester, Coates, Lawrence, Gunn, Jellis and Atkinson.

Goal scorers: The Posh – Ron Jones 49 mins, Jack Ranshaw (2) 43 mins & 80 mins and Nat Brooksbank (2) 10 mins & 12 mins.