Classic Games

This section of the museum contains 15 match reports from classic games in the first 60 years of the Posh’s history.

  1. 5th October 1935 Posh v Rushden (Posh’s first game in the FA Cup)

  2. 3rd October 1936 Posh v Kettering (Posh’s first win in the FA Cup)

  3. 6 October 1945 Rushden v Posh (Posh’s record win in the FA Cup).

  4. 20th August 1960 Posh v Wrexham (Posh’s first game in the Football League)

  5. 22nd August 1960 Hartlepools v Posh (Posh’s first away game in the Football League)

  6. 30th January 1965 Posh v Arsenal (Posh’s victory over 1st Division Arsenal in the FA Cup)

  7. 6th March 1965 Chelsea v Posh (Posh in the Quarter Final of the FA Cup)

  8. 26th January 1974 Posh v Leeds (Posh’s FA Cup game against 1st Division leaders Leeds Utd)

  9. 24th January 1976 Man Utd v Posh (Posh’s FA Cup game against Manchester Utd at Old Trafford)

  10. 7th September 1976 Posh v Fulham (Posh’s FL Cup game against Fulham who had George Best and Bobby Moore in their side)

  11. 4th January 1986 Posh v Leeds Utd (Posh’s FA Cup game in which Posh, a 4th Division side  beat 2nd Division Leeds Utd)

  12. 15th February 1986 Posh v Brighton (Posh’s FA Cup 5th Round game against 2nd Division side Brighton and record gate receipts)

  13. 11th May 1991 Chesterfield v Posh (Posh get promoted back to the 3rd Division)

  14. 3rd December 1991 Posh v Liverpool (Posh beat Liverpool in the Rumbelows Cup)

  15. 25th May 1992 Stockport County v Posh (Posh win in Play Off Final at Wembley)

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