Trevor Quow

Born 28 September 1960 in Peterborough.

Trevor was another of the youngsters to come through the ranks in the late 1970’s and made his Posh debut as a substitute aged 17 against Hull City in the FL Cup on the 15th August 1978.

A gifted midfielder, Trevor’s career at the Posh was sadly interrupted by injuries (he suffered three broken legs) which had he not suffered many thought would have taken him a long way in the game.

His best performances for the club were under the stewardship of Peter Morris in the early 1980’s and despite his injuries during his eight seasons at the Posh he managed to make 191 (+12 as a sub) League appearances, scoring 17 goals, 10 (+1 as a sub) FA Cup appearances, scoring 2 goals and 16 (+1 as a sub) FL Cup appearances scoring 1 goal.

Released by John Wile in August 1986, Trevor signed for Gillingham and he moved to Posh’s arch rivals Northampton Town in 1989.

Did you know: Despite only playing 24 league games for the Posh in the 1983/84 season, Trevor was included in the PFA select side for the 4th Division.