Cult Heroes

In this section of the museum we share with you photo’s and details of players, Managers and officials who were / are cult heroes of Peterborough Utd.

There will be six sub-sections in this section of the museum (one for each decade from the 1960’s to the 2000’s plus one for our non-league days).

At present there are five sections (The 1990’s, The 19980’s, The 1970’s, The 1960’s and Our Non League Days)’. The 2000’s will be added later this year.

Please let us know (at of any other players / people (and the reason why) in these eras that you think were cult heroes and should be included in this section of the museum. If you put a good case forward we may decide include them.

Please note:  If a player, manager or official was associated with the club in more than one decade (i.e. Peter McNamee, Tommy Robson, Noel Cantwell, Chris Turner) they will only be included in the Cult Heroes section once. Therefore they may be missing from one of the decades they were with the club but will appear in another.

Page last updated: 15th October 2017