Home Programmes

Programmes are an essential part of the match day experience and so we have created several sections here to show the different home programmes from the Posh’s history.

Each section shows the front page of a programme from each season and from the 1950’s as well as the front page we provide a brief overview of the contents of the programme and price.

This page shows just the front page of three pre 1940 programmes and four from the 1940’s. Special thanks to John Kelby and Steve Harding who provided us with these copies.

We would really like to hear from anyone who has any Posh home programmes from the seasons we are missing, if you have any that you are prepared to share with us for our museum please contact us at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk

  1936/37 Season

1938/39 Season


1939/40 Season


1945/46 Season

1946/47 Season

1947/48 Season

19848/49 Season


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