In this section of the museum we share with you some books that have been written about Peterborough Utd, or by people associated with the club over the years. There’s even an ‘unofficial’ Superclubs book.

The majority of these books can still be purchased either at the club shop, at good book stores or at a well known online auction and shopping  website. You can even buy from Amazon via the Shop On-line facility on our website ( which means the Trust will earn 1% commission!

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Page last updated: 23rd January 2018

Official History of Peterborough Utd FC

Written by Andy Groom and Mick Robinson

The book charts the history of the Posh from 1934 to Sunday 24th May 1992 when the Posh were promoted to the second tier of the football league following the win at Wembley against Stockport County.

The book was published by Yore Publications.

RRP £14.99

Safe Hands

David Seaman’s autobiography.

David made his league debut in a Posh shirt and went on to play for Birmingham City, QPR, Arsenal and Man City as well as represent England in the European Championship and World Cup.

In this book David makes references to his time at the Posh.

The book was published by Orion Media.

RRP £16.99

The Sergio Torres Story

By Juan Manuel Lopez

The story of Sergio Torres who was at the Posh from 2008 to 2010.

The book was published by Pitch Publishing.

RRP £12.99

Who’s Who?

Written by Matt Hill.

This book contains details (and 100 illustrations) of the first 499 players who represented the Posh from joining the football league in 1960.

The book was published by Desert Island Books.

RRP £14.99

Goals Goals Goals

Compiled by Paul Donnelly and Paul Mitchell.

The story of the Posh’s successful 2010/11 season as told by Posh fans.

Published by Whire Dragon Publishing

From Hobby To Obsession

Written by Darragh MacAnthony.

Darragh’s story about buying the Posh and turning the club around.

Published by The Posh Book Company.

There or Thereabouts

Written by Rob Bradley.

The story of  Keith Alexander.

Published by Vertical Editions


Running Through Walls

By Dave Langan, Trevor Keane and Alan Conway.

This book tells the story of Dave Langan. He recalls becoming the first Posh substitute to be substituted, being homeless oh and playing against a guy called Diego Maradona.

Published by The Derby Books Publishing Company Ltd

RRP £12.99

The Official Peterborough United Quiz Book

Compiled by Chris Cowlin and Kevin Snelgrove

If you want to test your knowledge about the Posh then this quiz book will do that for you.

Published by Apex Publishing Ltd


Young Gifted & Posh

By Kit Carson

Tells how Mark Tyler, Tony Shields, David Billington, Adam Drury, Grant Haley, Anders Koogi, Daniel French, Simon Davies, Mark McKeever and Matthew Etherington realised their football dreams.

Published by Lance Publishing Limited

RRP £9.99

My Fight With Life

By Leon McKenzie

Leon talks about his time at the Posh, Norwich, the depression he suffered, his suicide attempt and his time in jail.

Published by MacAnthonyMedia

The Official History of Peterborough United FC

By Mick Robinson and Andy Groom

Charts the story of the Posh from 1934 to the end of the 2011/12 season.

Published by DivisionFour Publishing

RRP £25.00

Ebdon to Charlery

Compiled by Jamie Jones

Details 50 of the great Posh heroes over the years.

Published by DivisionFour Publishing

RRP £9.99

Peterborough Utd The Modern Era

By Matt Hill

Tells the story from the 1973/74 season to the end of the 2000/01 season.

Published by Desert Island Books

RRP £16.99

Boyd Sweat & Beers

Edited by Paul Donnelly and Paul Mitchell

The story of the Posh’s 2008/09 season told through the eyes of fans.

Published by White Dragon Publishing.

RRP £15.00

Superclubs Unofficial Soccer Yearbook 98/99 for supporters of Peterborough Utd

A book for fans to make diary notes to keep track of progress throughout the season.

Published by Dempsey Parr


Posh Away Days

Compiled by Paul Donnelly

Fans stories of Posh games spanning more than 50 years and covers grounds from Bishop’s Stortford to Wembley.

Published by Upfront Publishing Ltd

Big Fry

Barry tells many stories of his life in football particularly his management days at Barnet, Birmingham and the Posh.

Published by Willow.

Posh The Success Story Of Peterborough United Football Club

Edited by Paul Mowforth (research and special writing by Philip Hoare, Melvyn Beck and Tony Elsby).

The book charts the history of the Posh from 17th May 1934 to the end of the 1973/74 season when Posh were promoted as Champions back to the old League Division 3 (League 1 in today’s terms!).

Published August 1974.

Printed by Warners (Midlands) Ltd, Bourne + London.

Bend it like Bullard

The book charts Jimmy’s journey from painter and decorator to the England squad and includes stories of what he got up to at West Ham, Wigan, Fulham, Hull, Ipswich,  MK Dons as well as the Posh.

The book was published by Headline Publishing Group.

RRP £16.99.

A Posh Boy First

An exile’s diary of Peterborough Utd.

Forewords by Peter Boizot and Noel Cantwell.

By Francis Devine (November 1997, PB Publications)

Posh Quiz Book

Compiled by David Clark.

The book contained 24 quizzes with sections such as Non-league, They played at London Road, Goalkeepers and The FA Cup run of 1964/65.

The book was a Herald & Post publication.

You’re So…We’re So…

Written by Toby Wood.

The book is Toby’s look at the Posh’s 1994/95 season.

Published by The Peterborough Effect and New Chapter Publishing.

RRP £3.00


43 Boys

Another book written by Toby Wood.

This book is Toby’s look at (as he puts it) ‘The Tragic Story of Peterborough United’s 96/97 Season’.

Published by Pecker Press.

RRP £5.00

BUTCH: The Wings of Football

This book was dedicated to Richard Butcher, who played for the Posh in the 2006-07 season who sadly passed away at the age of just 29 in January 2011. 

Published by Gail Butcher.

RRP £12.99. The proceeds from this book went towards a football pitch and clubhouse to help young footballers of the future in Northampton to follow their dreams.

The Sash He Never Wore

Derek Dougan, tells the story of his see-saw fame from Belfast, to the football fields of Portsmouth, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Peterborough, Leicester and Wolverhampton. The ‘Doog’ writes about the early days in Ulster, his chance to escape through soccer, and then about the clubs he played for, discussing their management, training, finances, and his story is coloured with behind-the-scenes anecdotes about his fellow players.

Published by Mayflower


An Unusual Brief

Roger Terrell has practised as a lawyer for over 25 years as well as being a football agent and subsequently chairman of two football league clubs. The book tells the controversy and politics involved in the acquisition of two football league clubs and his subsequent appointment as chairman of both clubs, one appointment lasting just one day as their fans rioted.

Published by Upfront Publishing

Mr Pizza And All That Jazz

PizzaExpress’ founder Peter Boizot has done a lot in his lifetime. Apart from being Posh Chairman, he stood for parliament, was captain of a merchant ship, a jazz club owner and raised millions to stop Venice from flooding. 

 Peter also lived a full life away from work, he hosted lively parties that shaped Soho, befriended a dictator’s son and even found time to have a spat with a Spice Girl.

Published by FastPrint Publishing

In Sunshine Or In Shadow

Another Derek Dougan book.

Author David Tossell retraced Derek’s life through a series of over 70 interviews. The books tells you about Derek demanding a transfer on the eve of an FA Cup final, quoting Voltaire and falling out with various clubs. As chairman of the PFA, he fought for freedom of contract; as a club executive, he introduced shirt sponsorship; and ‘The Doog’ saved Wolves from extinction.

Published by Pitch Publishing Ltd

Never So Posh

Written by Paul Mowforth

The book details the disappointments and success of 26 years of football in Peterborough from the clubs formation in 1934 to when we were elected into the football league in 1960.

The book was published by the Peterborough Standard.

RRP 2/6 (£0.12½p)

We Never Give Up

A game by game account of one of the most gripping seasons in Peterborough United’s history as told by Jamie Jones.

A season that saw the Posh lose their first seven games, play in front of the lowest home crowds in the Championship and sell their most influential player at a crucial stage of the season and yet still go into their final game and then into the final minute of the season with Championship survival in their own hands.

The book was published by DivisionFour Publishing

RRP £9.99

Box To Box

Curtis Woodhouse tells his story. The book talks about him making his debut for Sheffield United at the age of 17, going on to earn £4,000 a week, drinking, getting involved in fights, being sentenced to 250 hours’ community service, and playing against Liverpool in the Premier League whilst drunk.

The book also tells you that it was Barry Fry who suggested he take up boxing to provide an outlet for his anger, and a new passion was born. While still playing football, he became determined to make it as a boxer, and endured a long, hard battle and in September 2006 he made his professional debut.

Published by Simon & Schuster Ltd

RRP £18.99

Chris Turner: The Legend & Others

Written by Dene Butler, this book is dedicated to the memory of Chris Turner with all profits from the sale of the book going towards the Chris Turner Statue Fund.

The book has forewords written by Tommy Robson, Grant McCann and David Farrell, and features articles on the great man himself plus many other of the “Legends” who have played for Posh including Craig Mackail-Smith, Noel Cantwell, Tommy Robson, Bob Doyle, Jack Fairbrother and David Farrell.

Copies of the book can be purchased via email at, via Facebook on the “Loyal Fans of Peterborough United” group page or they are available “Buy It Now” on eBay where Dene’s seller ID is posh-dene

The book was published by FastPrint Publishing

RRP £10.99

A Posh Affair

Written by Tony Broughton

The book is about Tony’s memories of Posh players, games, London Road, away trips and the people he has encountered in the sixty seasons he has been following the Posh.

The book was published by FastPrint Publishing.

RRP £7.99

The Day My Dream Ended

The book (an autobiography) reveals how Jimmy (who played for the Posh 1983/86) endured years of heartache and disappointment as he struggled to come to terms with the fact that his time as a First Division footballer was over. From being highly sought after, representing the Republic of Ireland and playing top flight football, Jimmy suddenly found himself looking for ways to continue in the game he loved, before pursuing a new career in the police force.

Published by Andrews UK Limited.

In Safe Hands

Written by Colin & Debra Abbott the book recalls Nigel Sims’ football memories.

Nigel’s long and varied career is documented as he recalls stories of cup wins, promotion and career finishing injuries, from his time as a professional footballer.

Published by abz Publications.