On display here are a number of club badges in all shapes and sizes and representing many eras.

First we look at some cloth badges:

20150316_084526  kings-of-the-league material-badge1 material-badges

Here is a selection of miscellaneous badges from common ones to some oddities.

1934-pin-badge 1960's-Retro-Style-Football-Scarf-Pin-Badge crest-PUFC-badge  images  Peterborough-United-1960's-Retro-Style-Footballer-Pin-Badge   PUFC-Pin-Badge-Silver-Trim  poshPUFC-Pin-Badge    PUFC-MEMORABILIA-ENAMEL-POPPY-PIN-BADGE   peterboro rules ok                      $_51  $_35              pufc       old-posh-supporters-club

upon-this-rock        supporters-club

$_57 $_59 $_587

22    m1SvaTwp3KUAzPfAyPYk3XQ mAJbNK7NPghonavIdQN69ag

 mINFxaQi4D8ywceJ26bttEA  mzUbVnjMz5rjyoVWZWh3VFw

   stud                 images   Now we move on to Manager / player badges.

john-barnwell  jack-carmichael  peter-eustace  lyndon-hughes  chris-turner 

And finally we have some badges produced for matches:


versus-leeds-u       versus-leeds-u-at-posh


Special thanks to Andrew Desborough who provided us with many of the badges for this page of the museum.

If you have a badge that is not shown on this page and would like it to feature in this section of the museum, please send us a photograph or scan of it to so that we can arrange share it with other supporters of the club.

Page last updated: 10 August 2018