Welcome to the Posh Supporters Trust on-line museum.

Simply click on the ‘Museum’ tab above and select the section you wish to view from the drop down menu.

The Posh Supporters Trust have created this museum to ensure memories of the club are never forgotten. The idea is to give supporters of the club the chance to enjoy the story of Peterborough Utd over the years from the information, photographs, programmes, memorabilia etc. contained within the museum.

We launched the museum in May 2014 with three sections (‘Books’, ‘Fanzines, Newsletters & Magazines’ and ‘Managers’) and have continued to add further sections and now have twenty-five sections in total.

Our most recently added section is ‘The Football League Cup’, with older sections being updated as we get more material.

If you have any suggestions for other categories, photographs, video / dvd’s, books or other memorabilia that you would like added to the on-line museum, please use contact us at

We hope you enjoy the story of Peterborough United, come back regularly (you can always bookmark the site) and tell your friends about the museum.

Special thanks to Mick Robinson who provided us with a lot of the information for the museum and for the time he has spent validating all the details in the museum.