Gold Bond

The Gold Bond Weekly Draw

209 Prizes Won Every Week! First Prize £2,000!

The Gold Bond Weekly Draw is a vital part of our fund-raising effort, and a chance for You to Win some fantastic cash prizes!

Posh Supporters are urged to subscribe to the “Gold Bond Weekly Draw” to help with our fundraising effort, and increase the Trusts’ resources to support some local community activities, and also to create a substantial reserve to help the football club in the longer term in the event of a crisis.

Gold Bond has already contributed over £130,000 to our reserves!

You could win one of the following Weekly Guaranteed prizes:

  • 1 x £2,000

  • 1 x £500

  • 1 x £200

  • 1 x £100

  • 2 x £50

  • 3 x £25

  • 100 x £10

  • 100 x £5

View our weekly draw winners.

Entry is only £1 per week which gives you 7 numbers, that’s 7 chances to win for each entry. You can of course have as many entries as you wish. 1 entry £4.33 per calendar month. 2 entries £8.66. 3 entries £12.99 etc. (Please write your chosen subscription total amount on the Standing Order Mandate.)

You will receive your Gold Bond membership card showing the 7 numbers for each entry made. Winnings will be sent to your agent or home address if you pay by standing order. Winning numbers are sent to all our agents. Winner names are alos displayed on the “winners” page on this website.