Seasons Greetings’ to you and your family. Lets hope the New Year will bring a prosperous return of the mighty and victorious Posh!

At the AGM on 17th November, John Henson was appointed the Trust’s New Chairman. John has been a member of the Trust Board since the organisation was founded in 2002. Since then he has been very active with all initiatives undertaken and specifically spearheaded all of the 7 New Posh Fans Initiative we have undertaken to date.

John has been Secretary to the Trust for the previous 5 years and is seen as the Ideal Chairman to replace Barry Bennett who retired from the position, but will continue to be an active Board Member assuming the role of Membership Secretary and Vice Chair.

John said, “I am delighted to be the newly elected Chairman of the Trust” as he outlined the aims and  Key priorities for the Trust in the next 12 months.

  1. To raise the profile of the Trust and make all Posh fans and the wider community aware of who and what the Trust is and the work it does.
  • To develop further and promote the Posh Trust Peterborough United online museum on the Trust website and to officially ‘launch’ the museum with an event in January 2015.
  • To continue to maintain an excellent working relationship with PUFC.
  • To monitor developments at a national level with regard to supporter representation at all football clubs and to work with Supporters Direct and PUFC to ensure best practice in Peterborough.

Minutes of the Trusts 12th AGM and the 2013/14 Accounts, are now available on our website at :-

Watch out for some very special activity early in 2015 from the Trust!

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