Board Members

Acting Chair, Treasurer, Gold Bond Manager & Membership Secretary

Barry Bennett : Board Member since launch 2003

“Since taking early retirement a few years ago I have been actively working for the supporters of Peterborough United, first with the Supporters Club and then the Supporters’ Trust. I believe a community based club with the football Club, the Supporters and the Community working together is the only way forward to safeguard the future prosperity of our club”.


Secretary                                                                                          John Henson: Board Member since launch 2003

“Working in education as I do, I believe passionately in the importance of encouraging a new generation of support to London Road. Bringing the club and the community closer together is the way forward for us.




Ken Storey:  Board Member since October 2013.                                       

I have been a Supporter of “The Posh” for 62 years, having not missed a match for the last 6 years attending both home and away fixtures with my passion.   I am a business man and owner of K and T footwear which has been trading for 50 years.  I am fully committed to the aims and objectives of the Posh Supporters’ Trust.”




Joe Douglass: Board member since November 2017

Joe is responsible for our Twitter account and was appointed Board member at our 2017 AGM on 6th November. 

His manifesto will be published shortly.





Dene Butler: Co-opted February 2018

“Peterborough born and bred, I attended my first Posh match in 1973. I attend all home games and as many away games as I can. I also write a monthly online fanzine called “In Posh We Trust” and had a book published in 2017 entitled “Chris Turner: The Legend and Others…” to raise money for the Chris Turner Statue Fund. When I became aware of the Trust, I was keen to get involved as we need to look to the future and have a plan of action and an established working group in place to carry this out, should any crisis occur, although I sincerely hope that this is never needed, but at the same time have a representative group to work on behalf of Posh fans in the good times.”


Sue Butler: Co-opted February 2018

“I have been a football fan since 1976, when I was a season ticket holder at Nottingham Forest, along with my Dad. I then met my husband 12 years ago, and saw the light. I am now a committed Posh supporter. I feel that the community should be involved in the local football team, and that every fan should have a voice.  I joined the Posh Supporters Trust, as I feel they have the interests of the community, fans and football club at heart.”



Marco Graziano: Co-opted October 2018

Appointed Board member in October 2018. 

Marco’s manifesto will be published shortly.


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Patron to the Trust: The Posh Legend “Tommy Robson

Consultant : Previous Chairman and Board Member 2003 to 2009 “Peter Lloyd

Our grateful thanks to all previous Board Members for their commitment and service
to help create, the professional organisation we have established.

Rhys Thrower Nov 02 to May 04

Leigh Porter Nov 02 to Sept 05

Dave Colbert Nov 02 to Oct 05

Gill Williams Nov 02 to Sept 06

Peter Williams Nov 02 to May 07

Richard Bellamy Nov 02 to July 11

Keith Jennings Nov 02 to Mar 16

Paul Little Oct 04 to Oct 13

Paul Mitchell Aug 05 to Dec 08

Walter Moore Mar 06 to Mar 16

Geoff Callen Apr 07 to Oct 15

Ed Warrick Oct 07 to Nov 08

Jessica Weaver Oct 07 to Oct 09

Tony Griffin Oct 07 to Feb 09  and  Oct 10 to Oct 13

Adrian Woolley Oct 09 to July 11

Paul Froggitt Oct 09 to Oct 13

Ray Cole Oct 09 to Oct 15 and Oct 16 to Nov 18

James Wapples Oct 10 to June 11

John Lawrence Oct 12 to Nov 18

Nicky Ormond Oct 15 to Nov 16

Kim Cozens Oct 15 to Nov 16

Frank Harburn Oct 15 to Sep 18

Also our co-opted members
Ivor Jackson March 03 to June 03

Craig Skinner April 07 to Aug 07