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The Future of the ABAX Stadium

The View of the Posh Supporters Trust’s Board re: The Future of the ABAX Stadium.

To be transparent at all times, on 3rd January, the Posh Supporters Trust sent the attached statement to both the football club and the city council, giving them time to respond prior to issuing it to our membership.

Whilst we have not had any feedback from either the club or the council to date, the statement issued on 11 January by the football club, possibly prompted by our correspondence, confirms much of our observations to date.

PST and Stadium statement

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Gold Bond Top 6 Winners : 11 January 2019

Week 02

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£1,800 R.4214 HB Printing Business Pack
£250 G.0511 Mrs EM Stiddard Paul Huntley
£100 LL0231 Robert Doherty Standing Order
£50 O.2223 Miss E Howarth David Gee
£25 P.1133
Paul Redfern
Robert Hyde
H Southern
Credit Card

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 70 x £5 Winners

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Gold Bond Tiop 6 Winners : 04 January 2019

Week 01

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£1,800 E.3522 Mr G Hill David Meredith
£250 N.0411 John Knight Standing Order
£100 AE1923 Mrs G Morris Mrs E Hughes
£50 Q.0831 Mrs J Bains Hitchborns News
£25 JJ0531
Raymond Lawson
Mr R Detko
Standing Order
R Galloway

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 70 x £5 Winners

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