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Gold Bond Top 6 Winners : 20 April 2018

Week 16

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£1,800 X.0333 J Parker Alison Baynham
£250 K.1044 Mr Roskell Liam Colston
£100 A.2323 Mr Paul Massey Briam Cree
£50 W.4141 Pauline Lawson On Line Player
£25 Z.2124
Karen Williams
Maria Hobbs
On Line Player
Bob Jeffery

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 70 x £5 Winners

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Safe Standing petition

The PST believe football fans at all levels of the game should have the choice to stand or sit at football grounds and as such are fully supportive of West Bromwich Albion’s application to install more than 3,000 rail seats in the Smethwick End at the Hawthorns.

Unfortunately their application was rejected by the Sports Minister Tracey Crouch. Compounding the disappointment of the decision, Crouch said that she wanted to see current regulations, prohibiting persistent standing, more strictly enforced and labelled those campaigning for change to the legislation a “vocal minority”!

Her comments have caused a backlash from supporters and even the Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA) have publicly criticised the Government’s stance on the issue, claiming a pilot at West Brom would be a “perfect opportunity to gather much-needed data” on rail seating.

The PST are backing this petition and hope you will sign this petition.

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Gold Bond Top 6 Winners : 13 April 2018

Week 15

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£1,800 X.3132 Miss Cullen Mick Fincher
£250 U.1845 Mr C Ross Tim Brown
£100 V.0134 D Freedman Standing Order
£50 S.2445 E Penistone On Line Player
£25 G4313
Mr J Hayward
Mrs B Sutcliffe
David Hampson
Standing Order

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 70 x £5 Winners

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Former Posh defender Ron Cooper dies

The PST were sad to hear of the recent passing away of ex-Posh player Ron Cooper.

Born 28th August 1938 in Thorney, Peterborough, Ron who was two-footed and could play anywhere in defence, played a total of 163 games for the Posh is truly a legend in his own right. Older fans remember him fondly as part of that fabled 1965 FA Cup side that reached the 6th Round, sweeping aside Arsenal and Swansea along the way.

After leaving Posh, Ron had a couple of seasons with Corby Town and then, a four-year stay at Stamford, where he renewed his relationship with Stamford boss Norman Rigby, a former Posh colossus.

Our thoughts and condolences go to Ron’s family at this very sad time.

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Gold Bond Top 6 Winners : 06 April 2018

Week 14

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£1,800 ZZ1745 Mrs S Owen Peter Crame
£250 O.0244 Mr G Goldrick Business Pack
£100 X.3914 Mrs P Bush Mick Fincher
£50 T.1845 Mr D Collins On Line Player
£25 F.2144
Mrs M Greene
Mr McCaul
Brian Cree
Alan Lowe

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 70 x £5 Winners

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