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Gold Bond Top 9 Winners : 25 August 2017

Week 34

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 L.4533 Mr A Taylor Louis Spalding
£500 BB4651 Mrs M Henderson Standing Order
£200 CC6923 Iain McDermott Iain McDermott
£100 AD5139 Jay Foy Ian Clarke
£50 L.6777
GB Office Payer
Brian Sheridan
Office Payer
Mark Hayter
£25 M.4295
Mr Gustafon
David Owen
Glenda Phillips
S Heaps
Layton Laws
Standing Order

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 100 x £5 Winners

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Gold Bond Top 9 Winners : 18 August 2017

Week 33

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 Q.2694 Mr Butterworth Mick Evered
£500 A.0478 Richard Fallon Standing Order
£200 P.4730 Philip Corbett Standing Order
£100 W.0591 Mrs C Stewart Paul Davis
£50 J.0736
Mr M Townsend
Margaret Pearson
Paul Huntley
Des Whelan
£25 C.6826
E Laycock
Mr K Yates
Andrew Turner
A Baynham
Mrs M Reeve
B/P Payer

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 100 x £5 Winners

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The Chris Turner statue unveiling event

The Chris Turner Statue Fund Committee has announced that the statue has now been sculpted and will be delivered to its new home outside the North Stand at London Road, for its official unveiling on 1st September 2017.

The committee are still planning the event, however there is already plenty going on (including free children’s rides, face painting etc.) both before and after the statue is unveiled at 3pm.

Why not come and support this great event and achievement by Posh fans and the Chris Turner Statue sponsors.

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Gold Bond Top 9 Winners : 11 August 2017

Week 32

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 M.0278 Mrs F Mason David Gee
£500 O.6454 K J Plant James Ltd
£200 YY2351 Peter Spires Mick Fincher
£100 XX3307 Kathryn Holman JB & MP News
£50 JJ4537
Peter Foulkes
Anne-Marie Hayes
Office Payer
Paul Hayes
£25 AS5097
David Harrison
J G Pilkington
Mrs Walton
Credit Card Payer
Credit Card Payer
Standing Order

Plus   100 x £10 Winners and 100 x £5 Winners

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Ask the PST Board

The PST Board are holding their next meeting on Thursday 17th August.

If any member has any questions, concerns or issues that they would like the Board to discuss at the meeting, please contact us at by 5.00pm on Wednesday 16th August 2017.

The matter will be discussed under ‘Any Other Business’ and we will provide a reply to the member who raises the matter direct.


The PST Board

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