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The 14th Annual General Meeting of ‘The Posh Supporters Club’

The 14th AGM of the Posh Supporters Trust will take place at in the Sponsors Lounge at the ABAX stadium, London Road on Monday 14th November 2016, starting at 7-30pm

Under the Trust’s rules, Board Members John Lawrence and Barry Bennett must resign from office by rotation at this year’s AGM, and are eligible for re-election. John Henson, has announced that due to work commitments he will be standing down as chairman at the AGM, but would like to continue to serve on the Board in an active role.

There are a number of positions on the Board available and new members are welcome to bring fresh ideas and skills to the Board. In particular, to ensure that the ambitions and views of all generations and genders are considered at all times, we would like to see younger members, both male and female join the Board,

For a nomination form or you would like to know out more about being a Board member, please call our chairman, John Henson for an informal chat or talk to any of our current Board Members.

You can contact John on 07908 500504, or Email

Nomination Forms must be completed and returned by 01 October 2016. Should there be more candidates than the number of seats available; the Secretary will arrange an election and postal ballot papers will then be issued to all members by 15 October 2016 in order that voting can take place prior to the AGM. Voting will be by post or in person at the meeting.

Following the AGM and refreshments, there will be a Q&A session with the football club. We will inform of the attending guests through this website prior to the AGM.

Finally to test your memory, Mick Robinson will host his traditional Posh Quiz.

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Volunteers Required

The next Posh Supporters Trust newsletter is going to be distributed on Saturday 10th September before the home game against Port Vale.

We are looking for volunteers to help distribute the newsletter at the ABAX between 1:30pm and 2:55pm.

If you can help us out with the distribution we would be extremely grateful. Just contact us at


John Henson


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Gold Bond Top 9 Winners : 26 August 2016

Week 35

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 I.4058 Mrs K Surtees John Craven
£500 Q.0697 Paul Williams Mick Everied
£200 CC3930 Mr S Carney Spring Centre Trust
£100 WW2512 Anne Madden Credit Card Payer
£50 FF1257
Rot Worrall
Mrs S Garner
Roy Worrall
Mrs M Reeves
£25 A.6118
Paul Cracknell
Hilary Tipple
Peter Cornthwaite
Kate DEnney
Office Payer
Ted Feathers

Plus   100x £10 Winners and 100 x £5 Winners

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Gold Bond Top 9 Winners : 19 August 2016

Week 34

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 E.4362 Mrs Rawding Dave Meredith
£500 Y.0241 Highway Consultants H Hatters
£200 AZ3065 Dean Stubbs Credit Card Payer
£100 Q.1217 David Rowlands Y Chopdat
£50 AS4363
Mrs Lancaster
Numan Kaji
Iain McDermott
Office Payer
£25 G.4970
Mrs Dyson
Mr Smith
John Enyon
David Birkett
Roy Boswell
Office Payer

Plus   100x £10 Winners and 100 x £5 Winners

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Gold Bond Top 9 Winners : 12 August 2016

Week 33

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 S.6053 Lynne Sidlow Office Payer
£500 H.5303 Graham Palmer Standing Order
£200 YY1668 Mrs V Williams Mick Fincher
£100 BB2601 Mr Ferridge Steven Phillips
£50 V.2479
S Hodgkins
Joy Watterworth
Stuart Heaps
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
£25 Z.6795
Mr R Farmilow
Mrs Brewer
Mrs G Pinder
Mr B Squibb
Stuart Heaps
Ted Feathers

Plus   100x £10 Winners and 100 x £5 Winners

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