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Trust makes donation to The Chris Turner Statue Fund

PST presents cheque to the Chris Turner Statue Fund

At the ABAX Stadium on Saturday 12th March Posh Supporters Trust Secretary Barry Bennett presented a cheque for £5,000.00 to Tommy Robson, Dean Hobbs and Chris Waite (members of the Chris Turner Statue Fund).


The money goes a long way towards the target of raising £80,000 to site a Bronze Statue of Posh Legend Chris Turner at the entrance of the ABAX Stadium.

The next fundraising event for the statue is a race ‘night’ on Friday 25th March, at Ebeneezers. Doors open 2pm, first race 3.30. The event will finish at 7.00pm leaving you enough time to make your way to the ABAX to see the Coventry game.

For more info on the Chris Turner statue click on this link:

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Changes to the Gold Bond Super Draw

Please note there has been a slight change to the number of prizes won each week. Effective from 01 April 2016

The Top Prizes remain the same, 1 x £2000 — 1x £500 — 1 x £200

but there will now be :-                                                                          1 x £100 — 2 x £50 — 3 x £25 –100 x £10 and 100 x £5

Thats :- 209 Prizes will still be Won Every Week! First Prize £2,000!

Gold Bond has already contributed over £130,000 to our reserves!

You could win one of the following Weekly Guaranteed prizes:

  • 1 x £2,000
  • 1 x £500
  • 1 x £200
  • 1 x £100
  • 2 x £50
  • 3 x £25
  • 100 x £10
  • 100 x £5

Entry is only £1 per week giving you 7 numbers, that’s 7 chances to win for each entry. You can of course have as many entries as you wish. 1 entry £4.33 per calendar month. 2 entries £8.66. 3 entries £12.99 etc. (Please write your chosen subscription total amount on the Standing Order Mandate.)

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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 11 March 2016

Week 11

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 O.6655 Robin Boardman On-Line Payer
£500 Z.4099 Mrs J Hayden Mike Walker
£200 WW2123 Lee Jenkins Mick Fincher
£100 L.5802
Mrs Whelan
Brands Scaffolding
Des Whelan
Office Payer
£50 I.5802
Miss L Shrringtom
Mrs E Livesy
Mr I Jones
Madge Cowie
W Sherrington
Office Payer
Keith Blincoe
Sheena Scott
£25 Y.4145
G Ritterman
Mrs G Spence
Mr Osment
Mr A C Harris
Mrs B Green
J B Bennett
Office Payer
Standing Order
D Muldoon
Office Payer
Iain McDermott
Office Payer
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 04 March 2016

Week 10

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 ZZ1237 Miss C Windle Mr T Windle
£500 X.5079 Mr A Butler Standing Order
£200 AH0383 Mrs J Cambell Dennis Morgan
£100 Q.6468
Mr Guest
Mr Draper
Mickm Everied
Stuart Heaps
£50 C.1364
Mr Perkins
A D Hewitt
Scott Knowles
Karyn Bourke
David Gee
Business Pack
Peter Crame
On-line Payer
£25 AJ3780
Mrs Williams
Julien News
Mrs M Underwood
Mr A Brighton
Mr P Onslow
Mr Ben
Fitszimmons News
Tony Malone
Mr S Worrall
Credit Card Payer
Mrs E Hughes
Walter Sherrington
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 26 February 2016

Week 09

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 I.1701 Mrs S Russell Graham Henshall
£500 AS5196 Marjorie Devenport Office Payer
£200 S.4638 Sarah Wild Tony Malone
£100 Q.0930
Mrs Smedley
Mr J Jones
Iain McDermott
Phil Williamson
£50 C.2546
Joanne Morris
Ms Lea
Jason Dalton
Mr A Butler
Business Pack Payer
David Meredith
Jim Johnstone
Office Payer
£25 AW2650
Mrs M Summer
Gareth Lewis
Mr B Nicholson
Mrs P Greenway
Vicky Kay
Mrs D Wootton
Mr P Singh
Credit Card Payer
Office Payer
Mick Fincher
Vicky Gaskell
Graham Porter
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